The aroma of coffee roasting, fresh bread baking, bacon and eggs sizzling, sweet pancakes flipping, amidst the sound of cheerful chatter, clinking of cutlery and champagne bottles popping… There is no better way to start the day than blissfully indulging in breakfast with friends, family, or just by yourself (and the daily paper!) at a great local eatery.

This website is purely dedicated to the most important meal of the day – breakfast. Here you can discover reviews on cafes and restaurants, as well as keep up to date with food & wine news and events. We are constantly hunting out the best gems and we guarantee to keep you updated.

Liz Sheehan is the creator of ‘The Breakfast Confidential’. She grew up in Perth and her passion for going out for breakfast developed at a young age. After searching high and low for breakfast reviews online (as it’s always great to know before you go!), Liz noticed they were severely lacking. There were plenty of reviews for lunch and dinner at Perth’s eating establishments, but what about the most important meal of the day?! This inspired Liz to create her first food blog (and original breakfast blog) in 2008 – ‘Breakfast in Perth’. Due to the large amount of followers and popularity of the blog, in 2012 it developed into what you see now – ‘The Breakfast Confidential’.

Liz is also freelance food writer and reviewer and has been writing about food for over seven years. As well as writing for WA Today and Broadsheet Perth, she was also a contributor for The West Australian Good Food Guide and has a weekly Friday segment with Gary Adshead on 6pr 882am where they talk about all things “breakfast”.

She has also been featured in Menu Magazine, The Couch, Channel 7  and on ABC’s 7.30WA talking about her food blog. She sees breakfast as a special meal to share with loved ones, rather than the standard lunch and dinner meals.

Since keeping her finger on the pulse of the Perth breakfast scene over the last seven years, Liz has been excited by the rapid growth and development of venues offering tasty breakfast treats. There are so many creative ideas developed by chefs, it’s no longer just about big fry ups and pancakes on the menu!

You’re invited to share the passion and join the journey of discovering delicious breakfast delights in Perth – a pretty awesome corner of the world.

If you would like more information on working with Liz, please visit the Work With Me page.

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