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Fathers Day Competition FOR KIDS!

28 August, 2013

You’re sitting in bed and you can hear the clinking of cups and plates, the giggles of your children and you can smell burnt toast… they are preparing you the best Fathers Day breakfast EVER!

How would your kids like to compete to see who really has cooked the best Fathers Day breakfast for their dad?

All they need to do is a take a photo of their creation and send it, along with their name and a description of the meal in to me  – between Sunday 1st Sept and 4pm Monday 2nd Sept.

The photo can be of just the food or it can include the kids and/or dad as well. The important thing is the FOOD!

All entries will be posted on the Facebook page in an album – the photo with the most “likes” wins! Check out below what the amazing prize is!

Thanks to Darlington Estate, your child/children could win a Sunday breakfast (up to the value of $100) at this picturesque location in the hills for the whole family. With a kids menu on offer this is the perfect place for mum and dad to enjoy a relaxed breakfast with their little darlings.

If you haven’t already, check out my review of one of my favourites for breakfast, lunch or dinner

Terms and Conditions
Breakfast up to the value of $100 for a Sunday only.
Entries must be received by 4pm Monday 2nd Sept.
Entries to be emailed to
Entries must come with the child’s/children’s name and description of what they cooked.
Photo must contain the “breakfast” cooked by the child/children.
“Child” means under 15 years old
Competition closes on Friday 6th Sept at 3pm – which ever photo has the most “likes” is deemed the winner.

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