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Grab your ‘Brekky on the Go’ at Raine Square

27 October, 2014
Rose and Crown Big Breakfast

Every Monday to Friday between the 27th October until the 21st  November, Raine Square is giving workers in the Perth CBD the answer to their breakfast needs. Brekky on the Go – the new morning campaign from Raine Square – provides quick, easy and cheap meals for Perth’s busy CBD workers.

According to Lifehacker, 44.44% of Australian’s eat breakfast in the office every day, with more and more Australians choosing to get to work early to avoid the peak hour traffic rather than sitting down to a morning meal.[1]

With statistics showing one-fifth of Australians work more than 50 hours per week[2] Raine Square has decided to provide CBD workers with a fast, efficient breakfast serving to ensure they don’t neglect what is known as ‘the most important meal of the day’ in an effort to get their work done due to longer working hours.

Raine Square Marketing Manager Andrew Wilkinson explains, “Raine Square sees thousands of CBD workers through it’s doors each week, with many looking for quick breakfast meals that they can take away to eat at their desk or on the go.”

“Each weekday morning, Raine Square will offer everything from a quick coffee andcroissant option to a pre-packaged liquid breakfast. We also have the only CBD Coles Store, which has everything you need to stock up your office pantry with healthy nutritious meals to start the day.”

Bakers Delight, Boost Juice, Coles Central, Jesters, Croissant Express, Pajeco, Subway, Surf n Turf and Game City are all part of Raine Square’s Brekky on the Go promotion, with specials and suggestions running in each outlet throughout the campaign.

Dietitian and Director of Diet Biz, Boris Kazakov, tells, “Many people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s definitely true. Eating breakfast helps you maintain a healthy weight, and improves alertness, mental performance, mood and memory”.

Kazakov continues, “Whether you eat it on the go, at your desk or in a meeting, it’s important to make sure that you get that kick-start to your day every morning.”

For more information or to view a full list of breakfast special and suggestions – which are available Monday to Friday and change weekly – log on to or check out the Raine Square Facebook page –

What: Breakfast crowds enjoying Brekky on the Go
Date: 27th October to 21st November
Time: 6.00am* to 11.00am every weekday *check with each retailer as retailers have differing opening times
Location: Raine Square, 300 Murray Street Perth


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