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Increase in Parking Fines in Coastal Suburbs

19 August, 2013
Parking Fines 2

Over the last few months, thousands of parking fines have been dished out to drivers in the suburbs surrounding Scarborough, Swanbourne and South Fremantle.

When discovering the parking fines on their windscreens, drivers have been seen muttering a four-letter ‘F word’ under their breath… and then smile… How strange!

Well it appears that The Fig Group have been up to their usual antics again! Figgers have been pounding the pavement giving away free coffees and birthday meals at the Fig restaurants, in disguise of parking fines! That four letter F word was ‘FREE’!

The fines have read a little something like this:





















These are the first parking fines in the history of Western Australia that have been loved by recipients! Fig customers have enjoyed the fun and surprise element of receiving these vouchers.

For more information about The Fig Group, visit

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