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Raine Square – The Capital of Lunch in Perth’s CBD

3 July, 2014
Raine Square

An emerging trend in the Australian workforce shows that more and more people are too busy to take their whole ‘lunch hour’.

Australian’s skipping lunch-breaks is not uncommon. According to Australian research, 1 in 3 people eat lunch at their desk and those that do take a lunch break are looking for quick, cheap meals that are easy to pickup.

Workers who are too busy to take a lunch break are also more likely to feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and worried at work.

This July, Raine Square is helping to take the hassle out of lunch; providing quick, easy, lunchtime meals at value for money prices.  

“At Raine Square, we know it’s sometimes hard to get away from your desk to take a lunch break, and when you do, you want something quick, easy and affordable, especially for those working in the CBD area and surrounds”, tells Andrew Wilkinson, Raine Square, Marketing Manager.

Home to the only Coles in the Perth CBD, Raine Square offers everything from sushi and Subway.

For those back-to-back or even poor weather days, Coles provide everything from fresh fruit, salad, tins of tuna to blocks of chocolate in order to stock up youroffice pantry to save time….or avoid the rain!

To help shoppers discover Raine Square’s great range of lunchtime selections, and to help CBD workers add flavor to their working week, food retailers will be offering tempting specials every weekday throughout July.

Whether it’s a $10 wrap and coffee from Biscotti or a 1Ž4 BBQ chicken and salad from Coles, there’s something for everyone.

For those who want to take their time out of the office and enjoy a lunch break, there will also be FREE entertainment at the Raine Square Food Court every Wednesday throughout July from 10.30am to 1.30pm.

“At Raine Square, we believe lunchtime should be an opportunity for you to spend your time the way you want to – which may mean grabbing a quickly prepared meal, something freshly made or just being able to grab a coffee while using the free WIFI here,” tells Mr Wilkinson.

For more information or to view a full list of lunchtime offers available at Perth’s Capital of Lunch, Raine Square, log on to or check out the Raine Square Facebook page.

Examples of Raine Square’s Lunchtime Offers

· Airing – free miso and kimchi with any order from the bibimbap menu
· Bakers Delight – Purchase any two pizza’s & 600ML Coca-Cola for $6.50
· Biscotti – Any baguette, wrap, tortilla and hot or cold drink for $10
· Burger Edge – Burger, small chips and a small drink for $11
· Coles – 1/4 BBQ chicken and classic salad for $6
· Croissant Express – $7 winter hot lunch
· Game City – New York hotdog plus a coke for $6.50
· Jesters – Flatini and 600ML Mount Franklin water for $9.50
· Q sushi – Teriyaki Chicken with a Coolridge water or Yeo’s can drink for $10
· Sarpino’s Pizzeria – 6” pizza and 375ml can for $7
· Star Sushi – Winter special $7 All in a Box deal


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