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Recipes and Ramblings along Beaufort Street

18 August, 2014

Every year in November is the Beaufort Street Festival, Perth’s largest single day festival. The Beaufort Street Festival is a community focused and driven festival, and an integral part of this focus is the Recipes and Ramblings project.

Recipes and Ramblings is a cookbook comprised of recipes submitted by members of the local Beaufort Street Community and also from people who have some sort of connection to Mt Lawley, which includes people who simply like to eat and drink on the strip!

At the moment they are currently looking for new submissions for this year’s cookbook! So dust off that well used hand written family favourite recipe and submit it so everyone can enjoy what you love to cook.

To submit a recipe for this year’s cookbook,  visit

Any questions meanwhile can be sent through to 

On a broader festival note, to stay up to date with all the Beaufort Street Festival happenings (including some exciting food events!), you can visit the Beaufort Street Festival Facebook page:


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