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Spring along to Palmyra Primary’s Kitchen Garden!

8 November, 2014

Palmyra Primary School together with Palmyra Western Farmers Market present:

‘Pally Patch Spring Opening’
Sunday 9th November
9am to 11.30am
Palmyra Primary School, 60 McKimmie Road, Palmyra

Palmyra Primary School was the demonstration school for the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. When that federal funding ended, the market was seen as a way to continue paying the wages of the two staff that run both the kitchen and garden programs. All students from grades 4 to 7 grow, prepare and cook food as part of their curriculum. Palmyra

This week WA’s acclaimed wholefood guru Jude Blereau, leading sustainability expert Chris Ferreira from The Forever Project AND Pally’s Kitchen Garden Team David & Jarrod present ‘Food Theatre’ in the schools garden aka the Pally Patch.

Plus there will be student sustainability led tours, aquaponic display, worm farms, productive kitchen garden cultivation, composting in action, frog pond fun & chat with the presenters.

And of course everyone can visit the nearby farmers market!

Entry: Gold coin donation which goes towards raising funds for Palmyra Primary’s self-funded Kitchen Garden Program.

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