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Three Times lucky as Rawsome Scores Top Business Gongs

27 November, 2014

It’s almost as if Rawsome founder and director Laila Gampfer can do no wrong – after establishing her raw food company two years ago, she now has three major business awards to her name.

In June, Rawsome was named Best Start-Up at the Telstra WA Australian Business Awards, also winning the Outstanding New Business and Excellence in Enterprise and Innovation categories at the Fremantle Business Awards. It also received a commendation in the start-up category at the 2014 Business News Rising Star Awards.


“My team at Rawsome is full of passionate, hard-working people and these awards are wonderful recognition of the effort that has helped drive the business since it started,” Gampfer said.

“Our stockists, customers and the community have supported us along the way, believing in our vision and positively reinforcing our business journey.”

After being diagnosed with coeliac disease in 2010 and looking for gluten-free alternatives to fit with her nutritional plan, Gampfer established Rawsome to create raw food versions of sweet conventional products.

The business operates from TV chef Anna Gare’s commercial kitchen in North Fremantle and now supplies “indulgent, healthy treats” to more than 100 independent cafes and retail outlets across Perth, including several IGA stores, and has also recently expanded to Melbourne.

In May last year, the business scored a major coup by becoming the first-ever outside supplier of cakes and treats to Miss Maud’s 15 pastry houses – the famed Swedish institution had always previously provided its own.

“​Setting up a small business can be personally and professionally rewarding but a great deal of motivation and drive are required,” Gampfer said.

“It takes leadership, time, courage and grit to establish a business and it can be relentless with many sacrifices along the way. But with external support, both emotional and professional, and a clear focus and direction for the business, the rewards do come. When they do, such as the recognition that comes from winning these awards, they are sweeter, richer and more profound.”

Made without any cooking or baking from raw, quality ingredients such as nuts, fruits and a variety of superfoods, all Rawsome products are gluten, dairy, grain, egg and soy-free.

“Products on the market continually disappointed me so I began to experiment and discovered ingredients in their raw state could, with a bit of creativity, be transformed into indulgent, healthy treats,” Gampfer said.

“Initially, the experimentation was for my own palate and diet but my treats soon gained popularity with friends and family and more and more people were commenting on the potential for a business.”

“There was a strong awareness of the correlation between nutrition and health so creating products that people could enjoy while staying healthy became a major passion.”

Gampfer said her team puts a good mix of love and effort into creating Rawsome products – and she won’t let anything with even the slightest imperfection leave her kitchen.

“Rawsome only uses top-end ingredients,” she said. “With so many people tired of highly processed foods, they have really embraced the raw food alternative especially when we work hard to make the products taste great.”

More details about Rawsome – literally “raw, so me” – are available at


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