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29 May, 2014
Addison & Steele


It may have a name that sounds like a high end law firm but Addison & Steele are all about coffee. Their name is in fact paying homage to the to roots of coffee houses in 18th century England. These were places for intelligent thinking and ideas of change with two Oxford scholars, Sir Richard Steele and Joseph Addison, becoming closely associated with one such coffee house in London.

There’s nothing kitsch, vintage or shabby chic… (wait are they all the same thing?) about this place. From the clean lines of the fit out to the well dressed and manicured staff, it’s all class. It almost feels as though they want you to be creative and free thinking whilst enjoying some of the best coffee in Perth. It’s all quite meaningful really isn’t it?

The crew here use Small Batch Coffee and there is an ever changing list of offerings. These are available at market price starting at $3.70 for black coffee and $4.00 for white.

If all the choices of coffee brew methods seem a little overwhelming, fret not…. one of the knowledgeable and passionate staff will happily take the time to walk you through the coffee menu. It can be a little disconcerting when the person next to you confidently orders a pour over and you’re thinking “a what the f*** is a ‘pour over’?”. Don’t worry you can still get your usual flat white here too!

I went with the “comp style” coffee ($7) where they serve you your brew with milk and without. This is great opportunity to see how milk changes the flavour of coffee. You get to try your coffee in its pure form with all it’s flavours on show – unhidden by milk. A good tip for tasting coffee like this is to suck it over your tongue (like your slurping soup) and then press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. This way you get the full range of flavours and good idea of the “mouth feel” of the coffee.

Addison & Steele Comp Style

The coffee bar set up here is great for a close up look at the action. Pull up a pew and start chatting to the barista – watch them tinkering with glass equipment that looks more like it is from the set of Breaking Bad and gracefully pouring coffee… it really is quite an art form.

Addison & Steele bar

To fill your belly with something more than black gold, there is toast and granola or a selection of pastries from Le Galette de France and bagels from The Holy Bagel Company. Their standard bagel offering is simply “sweet” or “savoury”. A specials board with options for filled bagels changes regularly but it’s quality stuff – think smoked salmon ($14) or Serrano ham ($12.50).

Terri went with one of the specials – Mexican bruschetta ($12.50). This was served on a lightly toasted bagel spread with jalapeño cream cheese and topped with a mountain of tomato salsa. There are definitely no complaints about the serving size here.

Addison & Steele Bagel

I opted for the sweet bagel ($5.50) and was given the choice of cinnamon and raisin or choc chip. Thinking it would just come with plain cream cheese, I was impressed to see my cinnamonny round toasted delight come with three types of cream cheese. Two were berry flavoured and one was peanut flavoured. The peanut butter inspired cream cheese was so so so so so good. The best of both worlds – cheese and peanut butter. What is not to love?

Addison & Steel Bagel

I had an afternoon of review writing ahead of me, so I picked up and almond croissant ($4.50) for later. I am sure Michelle Bridges won’t mind me cheating on her for one day.

Whether you’re a coffee afficianado, coffee lover or just keen to discover more about this wonderful stuff so many of us are addicted to then Addison & Steele is your place… it’s your safe zone to love and learn about all things coffee.

448 Fitzgerald St, North Perth
Coffee served from 6.30am Tues-Fri & 8am on weekends.

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Addison & Steele croissant

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  • Reply Martine @ Chompchomp 1 June, 2014 at 1:31 am

    I like the sound of the comp coffee. I wax and wane between being a espresso drinker versus a slightly milk stained macchiato drinker. Would be interesting to try them side by side

    • Reply Liz 1 June, 2014 at 6:51 am

      It’s actually pretty interesting to see how much the flavour changes. Even if you do a cupping session you don’t get the chance to taste with milk side by side. Great idea!

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