Ascot Riverside Kiosk

19 March, 2015
Ascot Kiosk

My phone goes off and in comes a message from my friend Trevor telling me about this kiosk on the river in Ascot that is serving good breakfast. A kiosk serving good breakfast? “hahaha ok” I thought.

So we organise a day to rendezvous for this kiosk breakfast and we head down to Garvey Park. I’ll explain how you get there for those who might not know where this park is. You know that set of lights on Gt Eastern Hwy that every bloody single car in the right lane wants to turn down to head to the airport? Those “in the know” will stick to the left even if the traffic is going at a snails pace just to avoid being stuck behind those cars turning right. Anyway… it’s the opposite direction to the busy airport in a calm and tranquil park right on the Swan River.

Only metres from the waters edge is the kiosk which makes for an amazing view of the river, especially on a morning when it’s like a millpond. We walked in and I looked around to see that it was a bit like the cast from The Last of the Summer Wine. I am going to make a pretty broad statement here, but when I see this my heart sinks as this is usually a sign of bad food and super hot lava-like coffee.

Ascot Kiosk View

There’s plenty of shade but a severe lack of tables. We had to perch ourselves on some plastic chairs and a plastic coffee table – very kiosk-y. If the owners are reading this – PLEASE get more tables and chairs if you are going to take serving breakfast seriously. Hopefully the lack of seating isn’t a council restriction.

They use Lavazza coffee here, which is what I would call  “shopping centre coffee”. Have I become a coffee snob hipster? I was Ascot Kiosk Menuabout to be made to eat.. or should I say “drink” my words. Our coffee, served in take away cups, was painstakingly made by a lovely gentleman who produced a brew that was nowhere near as offensive as I thought it was going to be. It was smooth, creamy and at a perfect temperature.

The menu is a simple one with a few specials that push the envelope for a kiosk breakfast – think dishes with chorizo, panettone or asparagus. Prices range from $3.50 for toast or fruit toast (extra 50c for jam, vegemite or peanut butter) up to $15.50 for what’s on the specials board that day.

Trevor, who I expected to choose something a bit more gour-met, ordered bacon and eggs ($10). It’s an extra $2 for poached or scrambled eggs… interesting charge but still bloody cheap! When his dish came out it was anything but boring old bacon and eggs. Served on a thick cut slice of toast was bacon cooked with delicious crispy edges and two perfectly poached eggs. Buttery hollandaise was drizzled over the eggs with a sprinkling of mirepoix.. that was Trevor’s fancy word not mine. For those playing at home “mirepoix” is a mixture of chopped celery, onion and carrot commonly used in stocks. It was something different to add a bit of a fresh crunch to the dish. For $12, I’d challenge anyone to argue that this dish isn’t real bang for your buck.

Ascot Kiosk - Bacon and Eggs

Tim is someone who Trevor and I (well mainly me) used to tease for having a “limited palate”. He has proven me wrong over and over again recently and did again on this morning by ordering one of the specials – chorizo, scrambled eggs and chilli tomato croissant ($15.50). This really was a fully loaded gigantic croissant. Big thick slices of chorizo were a bit hard to chew through but the rest of the filling was lively and satisfying.

Ascot Kiosk - Croissant

I love when christmas comes around and panettone becomes readily available. It’s an Italian fruit loaf that people either hate with a passion or love. So I also ordered from the specials board and for $15.50 I got the panettone with marscapone and grilled fruit. The kitchen should be applauded for how well the flavours were balanced in this brightly presented dish. Tartness from some of the freshly grilled fruit combined with sweetness from the bread, banana and drizzle of maple syrup made for a breakfast that almost had me licking the plate. It was a good sweet option without leaving you with a mid morning sugar crash from hell.

Ascot Kiosk - Panettone

This kiosk is in a great spot to stop off after a long walk with the dog or a cycle along the river. Speaking of cyclists – they are welcome with open arms here – you can wear your lycra to your heart’s content! If you have real kids and not the fur kind, there is a big playground next to the kiosk so you can keep an eye on them from the comfort of your table.

It is a cash only business – so don’t get caught out expecting to pay with card…. Or scoffing that a kiosk can ever serve a decent breakfast.

Garvey Park – End of Fauntleroy Ave, Ascot
Breakfast served Mon, Tues & Fri 7am – 2.30pm & Weekends 7am – 4pm

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  • Reply April K 19 March, 2015 at 9:27 am

    We drive past here on our boat and this little place always busy, so is the park. It’s a nice spot along the river… We’ve been meaning to try the one just a bit further up from the one, I think it’s called woodbridge on riverside, it backs onto the river too, the menu looks nice and you can even arrive by boat and tie up!

    • Reply Liz 19 March, 2015 at 9:58 am

      That would make for the best morning to arrive by boat!

  • Reply Trevor 19 March, 2015 at 9:38 am

    Great review Liz and I’m sure the kiosk people will be glad you dropped in

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