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13 July, 2015
Bathers Beach House - Breakfast Perth

I have never heard of a maccas closing down until it happened in our own port city. The glow from the golden arches cast a romantic light over Bathers Beach for young lovers necking after smashing some illusions shakers at Zanzibar, or Harbourside… or whatever it was called last.  Thankfully what has replaced it is much more snazzy than a mickey D’s!

Bathers Beach House opened late last year and has offered Freo goers a place to eat, drink and be merry right on the beach front. You can even get your feet sandy by heading down to the beach and taking up a possie on the sun beds… or you can just admire those who have penchant for sunning themselves from the fresh surrounds of inside.

Breakfast is a fairly new offering here and after enjoying a couple of top notch lunches (try the salt and pepper squid – trust me!), I thought I better give their morning meal a road test with my best mate Dave. Some how Dave and I have gone from working together in an IT department (still to this day I don’t know how we didn’t get fired) and becoming the best of trouble making mates to now being responsible parents catching up over a polite breakfast.

The menu is a good mix of favourites with a couple of inventive brekky dishes thrown in for good measure. The most you will pay for a breakfast here is $22 for the Bathers Big Breakkie – bacon, pork chipolata, tomato, mushroom, hash brown, eggs & toasted organic sourdough.

I didn’t catch who they use for the coffee here but I ordered a second, which says more than any label can! There is also an offering of juices and breakfast cocktails ($7.50). There’s no fun stuff in them though; you know.. like vodka, but they’re still garnished like a summer drink that I felt like I should have been enjoying at a pool bar, or maybe on a sun bed on the beach.

Corn fritters can be soooo good but it’s a risk, as they can so easily make the most disappointing breakfast. The corn and zucchini fritters ($16) here were a little hit and miss. One of the fritters was undercooked, leaving a floury batter in the centre but the rest were spot on. The fact that they had zucchini in them and hadn’t come out as a sloppy mess was impressive. Or maybe I am just really bad at cooking with zucchini at home? Piled on top were lashings of smashed avocado, chilli tomato chutney and roasted cherry tomatoes. To balance out some of that sweetness – dollops of creme fraiche and peppery rocket.

Bathers Beach House - Corn Fritters - Breakfast Perth

Everywhere has their version of breakfast staple – eggs benedict. The eggs benny ($18) here was a straight up win with two perfectly poached eggs atop of wilted peppery rocket and sour dough. The bacon was crispy as promised, although maybe the fatty rind could have been cut back. Now the hollandaise. If a chef screws this up they need to go back and learn their basic sauces BUT opinion can be divided on how much tang or butteriness people prefer. Dave sang the sauce’s praises (or should it be to the chef?) with it’s creamy buttery flavour with a hint of tang. Perfect in my book too!

Bathers Beach House - Eggs Benedict - Breakfast Perth

The staff here are fantastic. Coffee orders taken straight away – tick,  food brought out quickly – tick and baby talked to my little son – tick.

For a breakfast right on the beach look no further than Bathers Beach House. Freo has cheap as fish and chips parking, so why not make a morning of it – start with breakfast and walk if off checking out what’s new in our port city.

47 Mews Road, Fremantle
Breakfast served weekends only 8am – 11am (Times will change during summer)
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 Originally published on WA Today – Friday 10th July 2015


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