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7 November, 2014
Blue Waters

It’s a lot of pressure picking a breakfast place for a catch up with friends when you do this job. You want to impress them with your choice; show them that you know what’s good in Perth for the morning meal.

I picked Bluewaters Cafe for a morning out with hubby and friend Belinda after looking at their website and seeing pictures of tables with white table cloths and a plethora of awards and accolades. They were a finalist in 2013 Restaurant and Catering awards for Best Breakfast, they were named in the top 5 breakfasts in the 2012 West Australia Good Food Guide. 2012 is still  “current” isn’t it?

Walking into the café was like walking into a loud mess hall. Maybe some of those crisp white table cloths I saw on the website would have helped with that? Loud cafe = popular though right?   A Cottesloe stalwart always wins favour with the beach going regulars about town but this place is less hipster more hip replacement.Blue Waters Coffee

Coffee here is by Karvan. Usually a skilled barista can make a very decent cup of coffee from this bean but what we got was anything but. It’s not about the latte art,  it’s what’s underneath that foamy milk. It should not be watery superheated lava like coffee.

The menu is inoffensive with a good range to suit most people yet there is still a touch of class about most of the meals. Prices top out at $23.50 for the full breakfast – eggs, sausages, bacon, tomato, spring onion potato cake, mushrooms and toast. There’s a reasonably priced kids menu which makes this place perfect to bring the tykes before a day at the beach. They can choose from pancakes ($9.50) or bacon and eggs ($10).

After seeing so many pictures of them on my page, Belinda had a hankering for homemade beans. The spiced beans ($19) were served with chorizo, poached eggs and grilled ciabatta. This hefty bowl of beans was pretty darn good. It had a touch of acidity from the tomatoes and enough chorizo where you weren’t left wondering “didn’t it say it came with chorizo on the menu?”.  Bel is a true lover of a good poached egg. She also looks forward to slicing into the egg and seeing the river of golden yolk flow but only one gave her that joy… the other was hard. When the kitchen is smashing out as many breakfasts as this place was, they can be forgiven for a slight mishap of a hard poached egg on what was a tip top brekky.

Bluewaters - Beans

My veggie breakfast ($20) was as disappointing the bubble gum on a Bubble-0-Bill. This was the big breakfast for the lettuce lovers… if you were eating at a shopping centre cafe. The mushrooms were watery and the potato and spring onion cakes could have done with some seasoning.. ANY seasoning. I would have added it myself had there been S & P on the table. I asked for tomato sauce when I ordered and when my plate was brought out and again a third time.  When it finally came in all it’s fish and chip shop squeezy bottle glory I thought “you may has well have brought out the whole catering size tub”. Was this the kitchen’s way of saying “this is what we think of you ordering something as common as tomato sauce with your breakfast”? Now the beans…THE BEANS! Why did this come with tinned beans when the kitchen is making beautiful home made beans (see above)? To be served tinned beans for a $20 price tag was insulting. I will happily pay a higher price for a breakfast if it is worth it. This was not. The saving grace was that the scrambled eggs were at least creamy and buttery.

Bluewaters - Veggie Breakfast

Andy’s breakfast of crab and chilli scrambled eggs ($19) was the shining star of the table. Creamy eggs laden with sweet crab meat made this a first class breakfast. A Sriracha style chilli sauce was served on the side meaning you could add to your own taste. Not everyone is a fan of a chilli high at 9am in the morning. A couple of slices of toasted ciabatta rounded out this dish nicely, even if it was too big to finish.

Bluewaters - Crab scrambled eggs

There are no real complaints about the service. Tomato sauce aside, all the staff were friendly and eager to please. It did have a bit of that old world charm… you know, when wait staff actually kept an eye on tables and not on the conversation with each other.

I may not have given this cafe the best introduction but to be fair – 2 out of 3 meals ain’t bad really. I just feel that they have this great menu full of dishes like porridge with banana brûlée, crushed avocado on ciabatta and baked eggs… and then this big breakfast and veggie breakfast served with tinned beans and a high price chucked on the end like a spin bowler on the Aussie Test side.

So I say, go and make your own mind up. As usual – I’d love to hear your thoughts…

110 Marine Parade, Cottesloe
Breakfast served every day from 7.30am

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Originally published on WA Today 7th November 2014

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