19 December, 2010


42 Mount St, Perth (enter via Cliff st)
Breakfast served every day from 7am
Fully Licensed

Bouchard is stylish little restaurant located on “heartbreak hill” near Kings Park. After countless recommendations from friends a few of us decided to try it out! What started off as meeting for the PDMAs (Perth Dance Music Awards) with just Mono Lisa and myself (we picked it for the free wi-fi) turned into an enjoyable early Saturday morning breakfast with the two of us plus Coolio Ma-Cha-Cha, Wendy Tosh and Clive. Wendy Tosh and Mono Lisa even walked there from Vic Park (nice work girls)

It wasn’t hard to get a table which I was surprised about. I thought with the prime location and popularity that it would be slim pickings, especially with having more than 4 people. We sat down and our coffee orders were taken straight away. I really like when this done because it’s not like many people would have to peruse a menu to decide what coffee they want. We all ordered coffees and Mono Lisa and Wendy Tosh ordered a fresh OJ and fresh apple juice.

The menu that we were given was quite different to the one on their website. It’s only a minor thing, but sometimes I find this annoying. I know it isn’t hard to get a website updated. The prices were reasonable considering the location. $4.90 for toast (gluten free also available) up to $17.50 for chorizo, black pudding and fried egg on potato rosti. There was a good range of both sweet and savoury options and a number of them had a slight twist to it that all sounded delicious. Options like ricotta and banana drizzled in maple syrup, or the black pudding previously mentioned.

We all ordered different things – perfect for a review! Tosh ordered the Bircher muesli with fresh apple, rhubarb, raspberry and yogurt. Mono Lisa decided on the roasted tomato, avocado, feta and rocket on toast, Clive went with black pudding and chorizo option, Coolio Ma-Cha-Cha chose the bacon, herb and tomato omelette and I picked the corn fritters with avocado, rocket and chorizo.

Our coffees and juices came out in good time. The coffee was great – smooth flavour and good temperature. The juices were exceptional! I had a taste of Tosh’s apple juice and it tasted exactly like you had just bitten into an apple. Very refreshing!

The meals were also fantastic and we were all happy with our choices. Tosh’s muesli had been soaked and was lovely and soft with lots of fruit and nuts. The tartness of the yogurt and raspberry was balanced out by the sweet muesli.

Clive went with the interesting option with the black pudding. Eating something like this can be a mind over matter thing in my opinion! He said the pudding was soft and well seasoned. The fried egg was cooked perfectly with a runny yolk and overall the meal was not greasy and was well balanced.

We both had chorizo on our meals and we agreed it had a full smoky flavour and soft texture. The corn fritters in my meal could have had a tad more “sweetness” in the corn but overall the flavours combined made for a delicious meal.

Mono Lisa and I loved the feta on our dishes… tasty Danish feta with that tell tale salty flavour.

Coolio Ma-Cha-Cha as usual offers her personal review,

“Waking up early and hungry on Saturday I was a late addition to this week’s breakfast expedition but in the end was very glad I invited myself along!

I’m trying to lose some winter pudge so the usual big breakfast was not an option. I was really pleased to find myself struggling to choose between multiple healthy menu items, muesli, granola, omelettes – they all sounded delicious!

I settled on a ham, tomato and herb omelette which was a good decision, it was a the perfect portion size (slightly larger than a bread plate) to fill me up without feeling bloated and was not greasy at all. I coupled it with my usual cappuccino and found it to be an extremely filling breakfast, I didn’t even feel hungry until the afternoon!

The service, atmosphere and food all get a big tick from me. I can’t wait to go back and try more of the menu. I hear they also do excellent lunches!”

I agree with Coolio Ma-Cha-Cha in regards to the service at atmosphere. It’s obvious why this is the sort of place that has repeat customers that use it as their regular breakfast haunt. Bouchard is versatile enough that you could have a special occasion breakfast here (with some cheeky glasses of champers) or drop in after you’ve done Jacobs ladder a few times.

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  • Reply Mans 19 December, 2010 at 2:05 pm

    >A quick and very short one for now! Love that you are back again! Have missed your posts! Yayyy for more breakfast adventures! Still have to report how my Pony club breakfast went!



  • Reply Anonymous 20 December, 2010 at 12:50 am

    >Yum I want to go back there soon. Lise

  • Reply Liz @ Breakfast In Perth 20 December, 2010 at 3:40 am

    >haha sorry for my absence! It's been a bit busy for me with work and other things. But I am back!

  • Reply Sisterhood of the Travelling Palate 22 December, 2010 at 1:42 am

    >Love the look of the Danish feta on toast. Think the Sisters are due for a breakfast outing!!

  • Reply Liz @ Breakfast In Perth 22 December, 2010 at 1:47 am

    >Danish feta is my fave!! I sometimes just eat it on toast at home!

    I just checked your blog out – I love it! The name is clever. 😀 I added it to my blog list too.


  • Reply Annette @ Wellness WA 26 December, 2010 at 10:41 am


  • Reply Sanida 12 March, 2011 at 6:20 am

    >Sadly the menu has changed there and our favourite roasted tomato, feta, avo & rocket is gone. We were so disappointed that we cancelled our drink order and went elsewhere :( .

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