Cafe Elixir

12 March, 2011

3 Rocca Way, Wanneroo
Breakfast served all day from 7am every day

After asking for suggestions for breakfast this weekend I decided to try Cafe Elixir in Wanneroo, which is located in the new Library and Cultural centre. There has been a bit of buzz about this cafe on Urban Spoon and it seems that the locals are excited to have a quality cafe in the area. I met Clive at the cafe along with some keen new breakfast buddies – Howard & Marina (apparently Brits will “get” this reference). I am glad I had made a booking on the Friday as the cafe was full when I arrived. So word of advice – try to make a booking!

Once everyone had arrived it didn’t take long for a waitperson to bring water and menus to the table. I would have liked to place a coffee order then and there but that is my personal preference. I usually find that people know what coffee they want to drink so why not just take the order while the water and menus are being given?

The menu has quite a bit of choice with prices ranging from $5.50 for a plain croissant up to $19.50 for the Elixir Breakfast – eggs, bacon, tomato, cevapcici, mushrooms, hash browns, spinach, home-made beans and turkish bread. The Elixir Breakfast also comes in a half serve which I thought was a nice option. Along with the standard menu choices for breakfast there was a good little selection of ways to have pancakes on the menu, including waffles with ice cream and maple syrup. I thought it was great that they had a kids menu as well. It’s rare to see this for breakfast! The kids had a few choices like pancakes, tinned beans or egg on toast. Elixir also do gluten free, vegetarian and on request, vegan options.

The waitperson came back to the table to take our order and we all ordered large coffees (which come in a bowl!) and Clive decided on a chocolate milkshake. Howard and Marina both ordered the Elixir Breakfast except Marina asked for no egg. I decided to have the Elixir Brekkie Wrap – bacon, fried egg, cheese, hash brown and spinach with hollandaise sauce in a wrap and Clive chose the Smoked Salmon Benedict.

The food arrived just before the coffee, which is a massive pet hate of mine. Howard and Marina didn’t seem to mind but Clive and I were a little disappointed. The Barista was under the pump with making take away as well as dine in coffees so maybe this could be overcome by taking the coffee order straight up like I previously mentioned.
The coffee was lovely. Perfect temperature, smooth flavour and it was creamy all the way through. It even stayed at a good temperature for the whole time. Sometimes I find the coffee gets a bit luke warm as you get to the bottom of the cup (even with as quick as I drink mine). Clive enjoyed his milkshake which was presented beautifully in a very tall glass. The best bit… they give you the metal milkshake cup with the rest of the shake in it so you can top up!
I was surprised at the size of the meals when they came out. Initially I thought “too much food” but then everyone finished their meals and looking around most people in the cafe were finishing their whole meal as well. Clive and Howard both said their eggs were cooked perfectly. Clive commented that his hollandaise was creamy with good flavour but at times was a little too vinegary in some mouthfuls.We’re not sure if this was from the the water the eggs were poached in or the hollandaise wasn’t mixed properly. However, the spinach was fresh and the bread was light and fluffy.

My breakfast wrap could have done with a bit more flavour as the hash brown with the hollandaise made it a bit bland and I couldn’t really taste the egg. Maybe some tomato salsa would have worked as an addition. I did like the runny melted cheese though.

Marina and I were both disappointed with the bacon. Some of my bacon had large strips of fat on it and Marina found the same. One piece on her plate was lovely and the other was almost all fat. A little trim of fat is ok but not where the strip of fat is wider than the bacon.

The homemade beans were delicious. Marina was kind enough to let me have a try. They had a few types of beans in there and chickpeas as well. The sauce was a tomato salsa which was cooked out enough that there was no tartness from the tomatoes. It was a nice addition to the breakfast.

Marina commented that the mushrooms were tasty and Howard liked his first try of cevap sausages saying they had a light spicy flavour.

The service was at all times friendly and attentive with a waitperson coming back to check everything was ok. Our table was also cleared promptly (there is nothing worse than sitting at a table with dirty plates for a long period of time). I really liked that when we went to pay the bill they offered for us to split the bill if we wanted. This is a definite rarity these days.

The website for Elixir is worth checking out, just to read a bit more about their philosophy to food and also about the owners and their background. I think a lot of good things will come from this family owned cafe.

There are a few minor things that could do with some tightening up at Cafe Elixir but it is definitely worth a try, even if it’s just for a lovely bowl of coffee and a slice of cake. The service is friendly, food is good value and it is great to see a gem like this in a newly revamped area of Wanneroo.

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  • Reply Thiago Brandao 16 March, 2011 at 3:04 am

    >Interesting :)

  • Reply Conor @ Hold the Beef 19 March, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    >I like how you get annoyed by the same things as me – makes me feel justified in my complaints.

    Definitely seems worth a visit, but I suspect this will just join the ranks of places-that-are-nice-but-I'll-never-find-myself-in-that-area-and-looking-for-a-restaurant :)

  • Reply Dylana Suarez 19 March, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    >This place sounds amazing!


  • Reply Liz @ Breakfast In Perth 20 March, 2011 at 1:02 am

    >Conor – well that also makes my complaints feel justified then too!

    Dylana – thanks for having a read. :)

  • Reply Johanna Anning 6 April, 2011 at 1:04 am

    >My gosh! the breakfasts are huge!

  • Reply Anonymous 6 April, 2011 at 2:33 am

    >Thank you for all your reviews. I have been reading your blog for a while now and very much enjoy it. I must confess I love a good cooked breaky with a hot strong coffee!

    I was wondering if you knew of any good Hollandaise Sauce receipes? I am sure you posted one a while back but can't seem to find it.

    Please keep blogging so I can keep drooling!

    Many thanks

  • Reply Liz @ Breakfast In Perth 7 April, 2011 at 3:59 am

    >Johanna – thanks for having a read :)

    Melissa – thanks :). Here is the recipe I posted a while back. It's from a chef I know who is also a certified culinary judge! I guess you might have to reduce it a bit as I believe this recipe serves heaps of people.

  • Reply Kimlovesherlatte 8 October, 2011 at 1:31 am

    >I love Elixir Café's breakfast wraps. Sometimes when we are not feeling very hungry my husband and I share one. When we order it to share they bring it out on two separate plates. I really love their lattes and my daughter loves their baby-cinos and the fact that they bring out colouring in books. The library and museum in the building are worth checking out too.

  • Reply Liz @ Breakfast In Perth 8 October, 2011 at 9:12 am

    >Thanks for the feedback Kim. That's great that they have colouring books for the kids. That way they can keep occupied whilst the mums and dads enjoy their coffee. :)

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