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1 May, 2010




Cafe Villa – cnr Oxford and Newcastle st, Leederville
9242 1554
Breakfast served daily from 7.30am – 11am (weekdays) 11.30am (weekends)
Fully Licensed

Apologies for this review being up a week after the experience but I have been so busy with working and my other online pursuits I have neglected my darling blog. Good news though – I HAVE A FULL TIME JOB!!! YAY!! So now I can afford to go out for breakfasts again and get some more reviews rolling in! It’s such a relief after being made redundant back in December. Financial stress SUCKS.

Anyway… Cafe Villa. Well after dragging my sorry arse out of bed at 4am to go to the dawn service with my friend Chowder le Clam, we decided to get some breakfast afterwards to fill our cold, empty stomachs. We got off to a bit of a false start as there was a line for the cafe and I don’t think they prepared well for the influx of people after the dawn service. There was one poor girl working on the floor, rushed off her feet. We decided to sit outside because there were no other tables and we resigned ourselves to the fact we’d have to be patient to order.

The menu isn’t very inspiring but it’s breakfast food and you can’t go wrong with the old favourites like eggs benedict, pancakes, full breakfasts etc. The prices were very reasonable I thought, with a “Villa Big Breakfast” (2 eggs chipolatas, bacon, hash browns and grilled tomatoes with toast) weighing in at $18.90 down to $5.50 for toast and spreads. The beverage selection was larger than the food menu with coffee’s every which way, a selection of teas, ice chocolates and coffees (and ice WHITE chocolate *drool*) , juices, san Pellegrino drinks.

I have to say that felt very honoured to be sitting with Clam in his smart suit and tie and polished medals. It turned out we didn’t have to wait that long to order as the next shift had started. Although, we were not prepared for the reaction we got from the waitperson, who had obviously just clocked on. We placed our orders with Clam ordering a Villa Big Breakfast with fried eggs and I ordered the Turkish Scrambled Eggs with spinach and feta on Turkish bread. To drink I asked for my usual cappuccino and Clam ordered an Ice Chocolate. I asked the girl if we could get some water and she snapped at us, throwing her arms in the air – “you’ll get water when everyone else does”. That is no way to talk to a war veteran! I understand she just walked into a mess of a breakfast service but I am pretty sure most people understood the situation. There is no need to speak like that to patrons!
We waited a while for the drinks to come out but when they did I was very impressed at Clams Ice Chocolate! I had drink envy! There was a chocolate wafer stick balanced in the cream which I desperately wanted to steal but Clam was too quick! He said the ice chocolate was very good. My coffee could have been hotter and it was a little too milky for my liking. I couldn’t really get a taste of the coffee.

The meals took a ridiculous amount of time to come out. Close to an hour. There were more workers on by this time but I guess they still had to play catch up in the kitchen. Clam’s big breakfast looked nice. He said the eggs were cooked how he liked them but he would have preferred some more bacon. My Turkish scrambled eggs were delicious. The feta was only slightly warmed, obviously thrown in at the end, so it had a warm soft creamy texture but still held its shape – yum! The eggs weren’t dry at all, very creamy and soft. The dish had a lot of flavour for what it was.

Despite the wait and the stressed out waitress, the food was quite nice at Cafe Villa. I would definitely go back again. It’s a nice place for a standard breakfast and they have room for big tables. Also being fully licensed means you can take advantage of a champagne breakfast!

Oh.. and we eventually did get our water.
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  • Reply Conor @ HoldtheBeef 4 May, 2010 at 2:27 pm

    >This place always seems to be full of middle aged men staring you out as you walk past, so I've never gone in. Still not sure I will..

    Well done for getting full time work!! Hooray for more breakfasts!

  • Reply The Perth Breakfast Bitch 10 May, 2010 at 6:45 am

    >hahaha That is true actually Conor! I went there for dinner the other night and I was one of those people sitting outside staring at everyone.

  • Reply simauma 10 May, 2010 at 9:42 pm

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  • Reply Anonymous 13 May, 2010 at 3:38 am

    >I must say, if the first bite is with the eye I would have spat that bite out on the floor.

    That big breakfast looks like it was poured onto the plate straight out of a deep frier!

  • Reply Anonymous 14 May, 2010 at 6:10 am

    >Cafe Vill staff are ALWAYS rude. ALWAYS.

    I have NEVER had a good experience there – the manager is an absolute cow – there's jut no need to snap at people like that.

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