31 March, 2016
Cecchis - Breakfast Perth

In an old heritage house on Beaufort street is not another antique shop, but a restaurant that will change how you view Italian restaurants.

Cecchi’s is owned and run by young husband and wife team Mark and Kylee-Anne Cecchi. Mark, the head chef, comes from a family of restaurant owners beginning his career at his parents Mt Lawley restaurant Savini’s. Along with Kylee, a year spent in Italy helped Mark get back to his culinary roots and it really comes through in so many ways at this restaurant.

The front courtyard has a Tuscan feel to it with tables nestled amongst vines, citrus trees and a twisted olive tree. Inside is a touch more formal with plush high back chairs and family photos decorate the walls – just like in any traditional ristorante worth its weight.

Cecchis Courtyard - Breakfast Perth

I find coffee in Italian restaurants is a bit hit & miss. Here they have got it so, so right. Five Senses – it doesn’t get any better.

The all day brunch menu has a strong Italian focus and really pushes the envelope of what we’re used to seeing on menus. And you know what? It works. It’s fresh, different and brilliant. $18 is the most you will pay here for a few of the dishes including the choucroute – sautéed pork sausage & belly, apple, onion, sauerkraut & fried egg; fried chicken & truffled scrambled eggs or steak, potato hash, red pepper jam and fried egg. If you aren’t sure what some of the words like caponata or trifolati mean, don’t be shy to ask the staff!

I am on a bit of a fried chicken mission at the moment and I was excited to try what was on offer here. I was not disappointed. Three pieces of golden, crunchy chicken were better than finger lickin good. They had a peppery spice with tender soft meat underneath that crunch. The pieces are on the bone, so don’t be shy to give the fingers a work out. No one will judge!  The buttery, truffled scrambled eggs were not over done with the pungent aromatic fungi. It’s a fine balance with this stuff; just a touch too much and it’s unpalatable. Small dollops of foamy jalopeno mayo was a snazzy accompaniment that tied this whole dish together.

Cecchis - Fried Chicken - Breakfast Perth

Andy’s mushroom trifolati ($17) had him cursing me for not bringing him to Cecchi’s sooner. A tangle of enoki, oyster and brown mushrooms gave range of taste and texture and were beautifully cooked. The bed of ricotta and goats cheese mousse was rich and creamy with a saltiness that gave it a depth of flavour. When the slow eggs ran into the mousse it made a delicious sauce, almost like a béchamel, great for dipping the toast into.

Cecchi's - Mushrooms - Breakfast Perth

If you were going to have a breakfast dessert, Cecchi’s is the place to do it. Their brioche croissant with salted caramel ice-cream ($10) is LIFE CHANGING. Yes, it’s THAT good. Smooth, velvet ice-cream sandwiched between a buttery, fluffy, slightly sweet house made croissant – genius! A hint of a flaky crust adds texture and when you’re finished, you’ll need to restrain yourself from licking the plate. This one is best to share – it’s a big serve! It’s only available on the weekends – the best time to be a glutton.

Cecchis - Brioche Croissant - Breakfast Perth

Cecchi’s is a beautiful restaurant, run by friendly, family loving people, serving brilliant food. What are you waiting for? Make this your next place to visit for breakfast in Perth!

965 Beaufort St, Inglewood
Breakfast served Wednesday – Sunday 8am – 3pm

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