Chefz Table

17 March, 2013

Who remembers the old Fairlanes bowling alley in East Perth? You know.. that old tired part of the city? Well it has undergone a massive facelift and there are a few new places that have popped up including a fantastic little gem – Chefz Table. With a beautiful view over Langley Park to the river, this immaculately designed restaurant brings breakfast and fine dining together.

Marie, Andy, Carly, Hannah and I found ourselves greeted by a staff member with infectious enthusiasm. A greeting with a huge smile? I had almost forgotten what that was like! Sitting on high back chairs at oiled wooden tables we looked through the menu and read about the concept at Chefz Table. After being trained in France, Perth chef Shaun Hack saw a gap in the local market for the “chefs table” style of dining. Here you can let them know what your likes and dislikes are, your budget and how many courses you want and they will design a degustation menu especially for your group. Whilst this isn’t the style for breakfast, we all plan to come back (Marie for the second time!) to try this out for dinner soon!

I was surprised when our coffee orders were taken before we looked at the menus. I expect this service at a cafe but usually at place where breakfast isn’t their main focus, the immediate coffee order is often forgotten. The coffee was good, the flavour was somewhat mild but overall it was a smooth cup that was easy to drink.

There’s no fall back of the “big breakfast” here. This menu encourages you to try something different. Prices range from $5 for toast up to $19 for the Continental Plate – cured meats, cheese, bread and chutney. There is a little note down the bottom of the menu that states “All our ingredients are house cured, house made and house proud” and as we found out this wasn’t just something written for show.

Andy, Hannah and Marie all chose the smoked cod kedgeree (spices, spinach and rice) omelette ($17). This was a light fluffy egg blanket filled with smoky soft cod, yellow rice and soft spinach. There was a nice touch of spice throughout the dish with a thin spread of punchy sambal on top to really give it a good kick. Everything about it was spot on. Who would have thought to make this into an omelette?

The second type of omelette on offer is also a culinary surprise – apple and blue cheese  ($14). Carly took the first bite and was in food heaven. Soft cinnamony apple was mixed with melted roquefort (French blue cheese made from sheeps milk) and wrapped in a crepe like omelette.  The sweetness of the apple was balanced out with the pungent flavour of the cheese to make for one of the most amazing breakfasts Carly had eaten in a long time… yes she said it was the best!

Both omelettes came with toasted house made brioche which was the basis for my French toast with bacon and maple syrup ($14). Sounds like a pretty standard dish right? Not at Chefz table… the bacon was a “bacon steak”.. YES  A STEAK OF BACON. Or as my friend James called it on Facebook “stacon”. A thick strip of belly – cured and sweet, it reminded me somewhat of char sui pork. The cakey egg fried brioche soaked up the maple syrup like a thirsty sponge. Taking each bite was like eating fairy floss – melt in your mouth brilliance.

Why not change up the usual “project lunch” and have a breakfast meeting instead? Think about how much more productive everyone will be with a decent breakfast behind them! Chefz Table is the new kid at the Eastern end of the Terrace and with top their notch service and world class food, it won’t be long before this little gem will have the big kids running for cover.

Fairlanes Building – 181 Adelaide Tce, East Perth
Breakfast served Tuesday – Sunday 7.30am – 10.30am

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  • Reply foodie cravings 24 April, 2013 at 11:10 am

    Chefz Table is on my list to try and I was wondering where they were based! Perfect for my fussy eating habits 😉 Prices seem decent too – I had expected it to be more considering the personal menu customisation!

    • Reply Liz 25 April, 2013 at 2:59 am

      I am going there in July to try the chefs table style degustation. We have a vegan friend and they said they will cater especially for him as well. Let me know when you try it!

  • Reply Petar 10 May, 2013 at 7:24 am

    Bloody vegan’s 😉

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