Coode Street Cafe

3 January, 2009

Coode Street Cafe – 24 Coode St (cnr of Third Ave) – Mt Lawley
Breakfast served from 7am – 11.30am Mon – Sat & 8am – 11am Sunday
Licensed for BYO

I have had a few people tell me that the Coode Street Cafe does an amazing breakfast, including my Bambino. So I convinced him to get up and go with me for a Saturday morning breakfast at the cafe. We arrived just before 11am and the cafe was still quite busy with most tables outside taken. Even though there were plenty of tables inside, we managed to get a one of the last few outside. The good thing was that all tables were in the shade, which in this heat is important for an enjoyable breakfast!

Immediately a waiter attended to us for our coffee and drinks orders. We both ordered a coffee and Bambino ordered a “Morning Glory” fruit combo – orange, banana and rock melon. Coode Street Cafe has an interesting selection of drinks including freshly squeezed juices that you can even have a berocca in! Fruit Combos, which there a several selections of combinations such as the “Zinger” – Apple, lemon and ginger, “Hangover Quencher” – orange and strawberry just to name a couple. They also have Vegetable Combos such as the “Liver Mover” – Beetroot and apple and the “Cleansing Tonic” – cucumber, carrot and apple. They also do smoothies, milkshakes and frappes.

Our drinks came out quickly, both Bambino and I commented on how nice the Fiori coffee was. He kindly gave me a taste of his juice before he tried it and it was beautiful! Very refreshing for the warm weather. I knocked the table accidentally and spilt quite a bit of my coffee, I was surprised when the waiter offered to get me another. As I felt it was my own fault for spilling it I said that it was fine but could I please have a cloth. He came back and wiped up the spillage and also brought me out a new saucer, taking my coffee filled one away. I was impressed that he took the forethought to bring me a new saucer at least! I started to notice something different about the cafe after our drinks were dropped off.. the majority of the wait staff were males.. and quite good looking ones at that! Nothing like a bit of eye candy in the morning.

Whilst enjoying our coffee, we looked over the menu. It all looked so fresh and tasty! The prices range from $5.50 for a toasted croissant, bagel or new norcia sourdough with a selection of spreads up to $18 for a full breakfast, eggs benedict or scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. The waiter came back promptly and took our orders. Bambino ordered the “Who needs Lunch?”, which is the full breakfast with bacon, eggs, chipolatas, tomato and mushrooms served with toast. I ordered the “Coode St Hotcakes” which come with mixed berries, premium yogurt and maple syrup. I ashamedly ordered a side of bacon as well as a vanilla milkshake.

Other choices on the menu that looked delicious include the Grilled Peaches with fresh ricotta served on Fig and fennel toast; Gourmet Baked Beans which is a Coode St special mix including mushrooms, capsicum and tomato; and something that I will be coming back for on a cold morning is the Hearty Porridge served with stewed fruit and cinnamon sugar.

Our meals arrived in a short amount of time and were beautifully presented on the plate. I almost didn’t want to eat my hotcakes because of how it was all laid out on the plate like a piece of art… but I got over that pretty quickly! Bambino and I both agreed that the bacon was very tasty. It wasn’t just fatty rind dumped on the plate, it had a nice smokey flavour and it appeared as if they had drained the excess fat from it after removing it from the pan. I drizzled some of the maple syrup on my bacon as I have been told it tastes amazing… it was definitely nice! I poured the rest of the syrup over my three plump hotcakes that were covered in mixed berries and spread the creamy yogurt over my first bite. I was disappointed to discover the hotcakes were quite dry and not as fluffy as they looked. The combination of the yogurt, juice from the berries and the syrup helped to give them some moisture. Bambino finished his meal commenting on how perfect his poached eggs were and that the breakfast was delicious.

All in all the Coode Street Cafe breakfast experience was a fantastic one. The atmosphere of the cafe is relaxing, the wait staff were very attentive and the food was enjoyable. Bambino commented that the service was the best he had received in a long time. I know it might be a strange thing to mention but the adventure to use the toilet was interesting – you go through a side gate to the back of the cafe and it’s almost a tranquil setting amongst the gardens with an open area for the wash basin. I like how the cafe is in the middle of quiet suburban Mt Lawely instead of the bustling and busy Beaufort St/Walcott St junction. Coode Street Cafe is definitely a little gem that is worth visiting.

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