9 April, 2011

Shop 5, 106 Oxford Street, Leederville
Breakfast served Mon-Sat from 6.30am – 11.45am and Sunday from 8am-11.45am
Fully Licensed

On this crisp Saturday morning Petar from Perth Coffeescape took me to Cranked for breakfast, which is a popular Leederville cafe – especially with the cyclists! Conveniently there is a cycle shop located next door and an area set up outside for bikes. It’s definitely been a long time since I have had breakfast at a cafe that is popular with men in lycra!

We arrived pretty early and found a seat inside and there were plenty still outside but these all soon filled up. So if you are thinking to mosey on in at peak time, maybe try making a booking otherwise don’t be surprised if you find yourself waiting. The menus were brought to us along with some water and our coffee orders were taken promptly. Big tick! As many of you would know I am a big fan of the coffee orders being taken straight up. I also saw on the menu that the milkshakes are served WITH the tin… another big tick!

Looking over the menu, there was no clear winner for what I would order. So many things looked fantastic! The prices were standard for breakfast ranging from $6.50 for New Norcia toast up to $19.50 for the Big Boy – eggs, toast, pan fried bacon, pork and smoked honey sausages, roasted pesto tomatoes, fried mushrooms and sweet onion marmalade. How good does that big breakfast sound? EVERYTHING on the menu would have been something I could have easily picked and been happy with. They had all sorts of dishes with things like grilled haloumi, chorizo, homemade tomato jam, pesto or aioli… the list goes on.

I decided on the “Crank-a-licious” which is a toasted bagel served with a grilled field mushroom, wilted spinach and soft poached eggs, crisp pancetta and lemon pressed olive oil. Petar chose the Tasty Fungus – Lemon and garlic fried mushrooms, tossed with baby mozzarella and wilted spinach, topped with two poached eggs with New Norcia toast.

Our coffees came out pretty quickly, I had a cappuccino and Petar had a long macchiato. Petar explained to me that the first thing he looks at is how the milk is poured. It’s not about latte art but if poured well there should pretty much be a love heart shape anyway. The milk pour on Petar’s coffee was almost there but looked a little muddled. The temperature is next. Both of us agreed the temperature was perfect. It shouldn’t be like drinking luke warm dish water. I really liked the smooth flavour of my cappuccino. Petar thought they could work on their coffee a bit as he found his double to have quite a bitter aftertaste.

The food arrived quickly considering how busy it was. Petar straight away checked the poached eggs and they were cooked perfectly. A nice tear drop shape with a soft runny centre. He really liked the mushrooms saying they had plenty of flavour and the lemon and garlic was a nice change from just having mushrooms fried up in butter.

The pancetta on my Crank-a-licious was very crisp but it melted in your mouth as soon as you ate it. The bagel was nice and solid and hadn’t become soaked from the spinach or the field mushroom. The spinach tasted like it had been cooked in white wine and it still had a nice crunch to it rather than being soggy. My poached eggs were also perfect and the field mushroom was flavoursome. I think the strong taste of the pancetta went well with the more bland flavours of the other elements of the dish. I was definitely happy with my choice!

We both thought the table service was excellent. Our waiter was friendly and quick to take orders; the food came out in good time as well. Although, when we went to pay we had to join a line. I’m not a fan of lining up in cafes, especially just to pay the bill. I tend to think this is a procedural issue on their part and there should be a more efficient way to handle payments.

As we were leaving I saw the Monkey Business – (A double slice of banana, raspberry and almond bread toasted and served with a vanilla, ricotta and yoghurt spread) ready to go out and it looked amazing! Two huge slices of this bread that Petar and I both said smelt delicious. Definitely one to try next time!

A big thank you to Petar for this breakfast outing. He is also my old boss from Teknoscape… a site I used to be editor for. Not only does he run the most successful youth website in WA but he has also started up a coffee website called Perth Coffeescape, which will interest many of you! You can leave your own reviews of your favourite cafe’s and their coffee. You can also follow Perth Coffeescape on Facebook and/or on twitter @coffeescape

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  • Reply Conor @ Hold the Beef 10 April, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    >Good to know this place still does a good breaky! Haven't braved the lycra men there for a while, but have lunched there quite a few times and always enjoyed it.

    One time we had afternoon tea there and walked off without paying. It wasn't until half an hour later once we'd done some other shopping down the street that we realised, and returned shamefaced to hand over our money. Oops.

  • Reply Liz @ Breakfast In Perth 11 April, 2011 at 4:35 am

    >At least you went back! Good karma will come your way for that :)

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