Crema Cafe

12 December, 2008

Crema Cafe – cnr Colin and Hay st – West Perth
Breakfast served from 7am – 11am Mon – Fri
Licensed for breakfast

We’ve all heard of the ‘power lunch’ but what about the ‘power breakfast’? Well here is a place that can do it – the stylish Crema Cafe. Being open during the week from 7am makes it a perfect place for a morning breakfast meeting or a quick catch up with friends before work.

Arriving at 7.30am to meet a friend, I found Crema to already be buzzing with the takeaway coffee crowd, a few large tables, lone diners and small groups of friends. We were sat promptly and were immediately asked if we would like to order coffee. Of course… being that time of the morning we rushed our order in! The coffee came out promptly and you know on first taste that the coffee had been made by a proper barista and not just a half asleep uni student trying to earn a few extra bucks.

We were left for a short time to peruse the menu. The breakfast menu has the usual classics such as toast, fruit salad, muesli with natural honey yogurt, eggs on toast, the big breakfast (poached eggs, mushrooms, chipolatas, bacon, tomato, hashbrowns, toast). THEN there were the choices that made my mouth really water – french toast with bacon, caramelised banana and maple syrup; fruit bread with ricotta, cinnamon and honey; scrambled eggs & smoked salmon with avocado and toast. There is a really good range of choices on the breakfast menu without being overwhelming. You can choose something quick, light and easy or maybe something more substantial.

For something to drink we could choose from the full range of coffees, teas, juices as well as champagne and sparkling wine…. YES alcohol. From the Australian sparkling wine Redbank Emily Pinot Noir right up to Moet Chandon or Veuve Cliquot from France. Champagne breakfast anyone?

So.. back to the important meal.. being a ‘power breakfast’ and my friend and I having to get to work, I ordered the fruit bread with ricotta, cinnamon and honey (even though my taste buds were saying FRENCH TOAST with BACON and MAPLE SYRUP). My friend ordered a fruit salad with natural honey yogurt. Our meals came out very quickly, which is important for a power breakky! I have never had fruit bread served this way – but after spreading on the ricotta mix to my lightly toasted fruit bread and taking the first bite.. I was sold. The fruit bread had lovely big chunks of fruit, such as figs and apricots. The ricotta mix complimented the fruit bread perfectly and I was disappointed when my generous serving of three slices were gone. My friend’s fruit salad was fresh and the fruit was seasonal and sweet.

Our waitperson was very attentive without becoming intrusive, which I think is an important quality. I can’t stand wait staff that are at your table every 2 mins or on the flip side, wait staff that stand in the corner talking while you desperately try to make eye contact and idiotic hand gestures to get their attention. She offered us more coffee’s when our meals had come out since we had finished our ‘starter’ FANTASTIC! Our plates were cleared promptly but not before either of us had finished. It’s these little things that really make the difference between good service and great service. I also found the meals to be reasonably priced for such a cafe. Breakfast ranging from $5.50 to $18.50.

My first power breakfast was a fantastic start to my Friday. So when you are thinking about your next team meeting or how you’re going to find the time to quickly catch up with a friend – think the ‘power breakfast’.

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