Domain on Loch

2 October, 2014
Domain on Loch

When you picture a cafe in Nedlands, what do you see? Is it the mums of the golden triangle sitting around sipping their cappuccinos in the latest Lulu Lemon active wear? Well you won’t see this at Domain on Loch… well on the weekends at least. There is zero pretentiousness about this corner shop style cafe. It sits there quaintly on the corner with the casual feel inside beckoning those wanting a change from the curt and rushed service they see elsewhere.

Inside the walls are plastered with pages from old cookbooks and womens magazines that reminded my sister and I of the Margaret Fulton books that fill our mum’s shelves. Mock duck is never a good recipe unless there are war rations ok? Outside is a shady decking area with couches and tables – perfect if you just wanted to stop in for a coffee and one of their house made treats.Domain on Loch Coffee

Local roaster Karvan provide the beans here. Served with a little short bread biscuit, there’s a lot to love about this creamy and robust brew. If you’re planning on a champagne breakfast, the team here welcome you to BYO for a $6 corkage charge.

The menu is much more than I expected from a corner cafe. They serve PORK BELLY… and GRIDDLE CAKES.. and other “fashionable” things. Of course, if you want your bacon and eggs they have you covered too. Prices range from $7 for toast up to $22 for the big breakfast – homemade beans, bacon, eggs, veal chipolatas, mushrooms, and toasted ciabatta. There’s a couple of choices for the kiddlie winks too at $10 each.

I felt like an egg free “fresh” breakfast and the Smashed avocado ($16.50) jumped out and said ORDER ME. Served on toasted ciabatta, the thickly spread lemon and cumin infused avocado was snazzy and creamy. Plump grilled tomato was a sweet surprise – it wasn’t as crap as my husband constantly makes grilled tomato out to be. There was plenty of cottage cheese to go around and a little pot of spicy tomato coulis was an unexpected but tasty addition.

Domain on Loch Smashed Avocado

Sarah went with a similar dish, ordering the toasted ciabatta ($18). Served with bacon, grilled tomato, poached eggs and crumbled feta, it was a sizeable dish. She swapped out the the ciabatta for gluten free bread, which was more like a tasteless sponge than “bread”. So if you are amongst the gluten adverse – maybe pass on the bread. The poached eggs were a tad over done – you know that point where the yolk is malleable but not runny anymore? There were no complaints about the size with this meal; you won’t be walking out of Domain wanting.

Domain on Loch Toasted Ciabatta

Although the service was relaxed and friendly, it was a bit hit and miss. I had to ask for my juice 3 times before it arrived when we were about to leave. The coffee did arrive before the food though – thank god!

Domain on Loch is definitely one to check out if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busier cafe areas in Perth. There’s plenty on the menu for everyone and it’s even a great cafe for a coffee and a spot of cake.

30 Loch Street, Nedlands
Breakfast served Mon-Fri 7am – 2.30pm, weekends 8am – 2.30pm 

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