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13 June, 2015

I promised myself that after I had my baby, I wouldn’t become a “mummy blogger”. I didn’t want to make my reviews all about how it was so rude that a tiny, trendy cafe wouldn’t fit my ginormous pram or how it was daylight robbery that I had to pay for a babycino when I ordered a herbal tea for myself. But I was worried. Would I now be confined to shopping centre cafes because of my new mummy status? After all, shopping centres have parents rooms, loud noises to drown out a crying baby and lots of room for a pram

When I asked my followers on Facebook for recommendations on “pram friendly” cafes, I was so relieved to find that my breakfast life wasn’t going to be filled with stiff peaked, scorching cappuccinos. Mouth ruining, burning hot focaccias and the blue rinse brigade peering into my pram whilst dabbing their runny noses with a hanky… and all I can think is “have they had their whooping cough vaccine?”

Feast cafe in Wembley (they also have another venue in Nedlands) was one recommendation put to me and let me say now, that regardless of the fact that you could land an A380 (and my pram) between the tables and that they had the best glassed enclosed (soundproof!) kids playroom I’ve ever seen in a cafe – this was a place I would have loved pre-baby. How had I not heard of it?  Well I know how – I had been so absorbed in checking out the latest places serving green smoothies in mason jars that I had begun to over look these suburban cafes that are quietly achieving in all corners of Perth.Feast - Coffee

The coffee here is by Perth local and fave – Five Senses. Need I say more! Need something a little stronger? How about a bloody mary ($9.50) or a mimosa ($8). A mimosa at breakfast…. how “Sex and the City”! Speaking of which, I have been watching the DVD set from season 1 whilst up for nightly feeds. I never really noticed it before, but how much of a stage 5 clinger is Carrie! I mean becoming friends with Big’s first ex wife to see what she was like? Snooping through guys stuff when they leave the room? Crrrrrraaazy!

Looking over the menu, there was not a tired old breakfast dish in sight. It’s one of those menus where you have to consider everything. I wanted to order it all now that my food world had reopened to include runny eggs, feta and hollandaise! Prices range from $5.50 for toast up to $21.50 for the crispy skin salmon served with a fried egg, capsicum relish, lemon wilted spinach, avocado and pesto.

The kids menu is as good as it gets. Plenty of choice and healthy options too. Prices on that range from $6.50 for a toastie or egg on toast up to $12.50 for a small version of a big breakfast.

Andy’s dukkah crusted poached eggs were perfect in every way but were they worth $18.50? Served with lemon wilted spinach, feta, asparagus and a tomato capsicum relish, the price tag seemed a little hefty. There is something very satisfying about cutting into a poached egg and hearing it gently pop as a river of golden yolk flows over the bread. Grilled asparagus was crunchy but soft… ahhh the oxymoron of perfectly cooked asparagus.  He also added a side of Elmars chipolatas ($5). As one would expect, these were top quality snags that you wouldn’t find anywhere near the meat section at the supermarket.. you know  next to the dog food.

Feast - Dukkah Eggs

I went to order the Mexican eggs ($17.50) served with avocado and tomato & coriander salsa but the words “mantou buns” caught my eye. They came with the slow cooked beans ($20) and I was sold. My love for these little chinese buns started the first time I had Singaporean chilli snow crab. I liked dipping the sweet tasting buns into the sauce more than I liked the crab. Mainly because crab is so much work for so little reward. The beans came with pulled pork and a poached egg… now I am going to go out on a limb here and say they were the BEST beans I have ever eaten. The sweet sticky flavour of char sui was lip smackingly good as I scooped up forkfuls of the tender meat and beans. If you aren’t sure what “char sui” flavour is – head over to Good Fortune Duck House and get some BBQ pork. You won’t regret it! The fried mantou buns were the perfect bedfellow for this dish. I just wish I had more of them to dip, but that is me being greedy. My mouth has actually started watering just writing about this dish!

Feast - Beans top shot

Friendly, non-pretentious service is what you can expect here. These guys know how to make their patrons feel comfortable and welcome.

From a mothers group catch up to a breakfast with your friends where you can scream-laugh over a couple of mimosas, Feast cafe is perfect for every type of outing you can think of.

Wembley – 363A Cambridge St, Wembley
Breakfast served: Mon, Wed – Sun, 7am to 11.45am (Closed on Tuesdays)
Nedlands – 71B Princess Rd, Nedlands
Breakfast served Mon – Sat, 7am to 11.45am (Closed on Sundays)

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 Originally published on WA Today Friday 12th June 2015


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  • Reply Karen 26 August, 2016 at 3:07 pm

    Do they have a parents room or breastfeeding chair

    • Reply Liz 26 August, 2016 at 7:00 pm

      Hi Karen – it’s changed owners since this review. But when I went they didn’t have a parents room or breastfeeding chair. There was a change table though. You could ask to be seated in a corner if you wanted more privacy. That’s what I used to do! Good luck :)

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