25 August, 2015
Fiorentina - Breakfast Perth

A drive down Angove Street in North Perth on any day of the week will leave you wondering if you’re missing out on the best breakfast in Perth. People almost spill out onto the street sitting on tables that push the limits of the boundaries, parking is at a premium and even the dogs are jostling for space at the tables.  It’s like North Perth’s version of Freo’s cappuccino strip.

Fiorentina Patisserie and Cafe sits perched on the top corner of the strip and from the outside it looks like a cafe that would actually belong on the cappuccino strip. It’s got the awnings emblazoned with the cafe name and it’s even got the regulars who shout “Ciao ciao” as they walk out with their coffee in hand.

There’s limited seating inside with the majority of tables being out on the pavement. Don’t worry if there’s a chill in the air, there are mounted heaters outside to keep you toasty warm. Though, eating outside could be a blessing if you are trying to avoid sweet treats. A cabinet filled with cakes, tarts, biscuits and cannoli will lure in anyone with a hint of a sweet tooth.Fiorentina - Coffee - Breakfast Perth

They serve Bonissimo coffee here and the super friendly barista knew how to get the most out of these beans to produce a cuppa that was creamy and on point for temperature. It does have that robust, rounded Italian flavour to it which isn’t to everyone’s taste. I’m not a big fan of it, but my husband Andy loves it.  They also serve “bullet proof coffee”. This was a health fad a while back and I am not sure if it ever really took off here in Perth. I was tempted to try it but then the thought of black coffee with butter and coconut oil in it made my stomach turn. I didn’t want my daily coffee experience tainted after getting up every few hours during the night to feed my baby… even if one of the health claims is increased energy.

I expected the breakfast menu at this Italianate cafe to be filled with dishes like a breakfast bruschetta and every possible version of eggs with hollandaise; but what I found was a worldly menu with interesting options.  Crepes with banana and Nutella ($18) could take you to a street cart in Paris or Korean Pork served with kimchi and fried eggs ($21) might remind you of a night out for Korean BBQ. Not happy with a non-traditional breakfast? Then go ahead and create your own from the list of sides on offer!

I decided to take a middle eastern route for breakfast by ordering the shakshuka ($18.50). Traditionally the eggs would have been baked in but this was served with two dukkah covered poached eggs on top that were perfect specimens for the “yolk porn” hashtag.  This dish was full of all the big punchy flavours you’d expect but there was something a little raw about it. There was tartness from the tomatoes still lingering and a bit more cooking out might have made this a perfect example of a shakshuka.

Fiorentina - Shakshuka - Breakfast Perth

Even though he was being constantly distracted by the display of surgery treats, my husband-child managed to decide to order the Fiorentina 2.0. ($17.50). I’m not sure what version 1.0 would have been, but this was a dish for mushroom lovers; and I don’t mean the kind that take you on a vision quest to have an epiphany about your life. Grain loaded toast was piled high with a cornucopia of funghi, giving a wealth of flavours and textures. The wilted spinach had a bitter taste to it; coupled with a vinegary hollandaise, this threw the balance out the window. Long after we had left the cafe Andy said he still had the bitter aftertaste but it was nothing a peanut butter filled doughnut couldn’t fix!

Fiorentina - Mushrooms - Breakfast Perth

The service here started off slow but got exponentially better after I asked after our water a second time. We were apologised to profusely after our orders were misplaced in the kitchen but to be honest, had we not been told, we probably would have been none the wiser as our wait for food had not been excessive. Kudos to their staff for being honest though! There is no question here about how friendly they are to all the customers. Everyone seemed like an old friend – but isn’t that one of the hallmarks of a good Italian eatery?

Fiorentina are an exceptional patisserie but the cafe side, I could take it or leave it. That’s just my opinion and it would seem to differ from the crowds of people that flock there every weekend. It’s worth a visit anyway, if only just to buy some treats to take home for afternoon tea… if they even last the drive home.

44 Angove St, North Perth
Breakfast served every day from 6.30am

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