Gordon St Garage

14 March, 2013
Gordon St Garage

Gordon St Garage is the new cool kid on the block that has made a desolate part of West Perth now worth visiting. To be honest, I didn’t even know Gordon street existed until they opened and I had visioned that it was up in the west WEST perth end. The great part about the location is that it is in the quieter part of the city meaning street parking is a lot easier. The interior has a raw industrial feel about it with tables as far as the eye can see. It was as if they wanted it it to look like everything was salvaged and vintage but ironically, like any good hipster….there is something about it all that still says “we spent heaps of cash achieving this look”. The look of the staff also matches the venue – stylish yet vintage dress and good looks. I wouldn’t have expected anything less with the likes of Nic Trimboli, Daniel Goodsell and Graham Arthur behind this venture. Their restaurant resume reads like the Good Food Guide – think Little Creatures, Il Lido, Duende just to name a few.

At the front coffee bar you will see the huge roaster that will be used to roast their own coffee. It wasn’t seasoned and ready when we visited so we were served Five Senses. No complaints there! They planned to start roasting this week so it would be interesting to hear if anyone has tried it yet. I plan to go back and try it for myself very soon!

The menu is far from ordinary with choices like corn omelette, coriander and nam prik ($16) and treacle baked salmon royale ($18) making you reconsider what you accept as “breakfast food” – I love it. I love having something else to choose from rather than eggs twenty different ways. Prices range from $6 for toast or banana bread up to an eye popping $24 for the Garage breakfast – eggs, pin wheel sausage, streaky bacon, wood-fired mushroom, smoked tomato, potato fry and baked beans.

Kirsty felt like something simple and chose poached eggs on toast ($9.50) with an added pinwheel sausage ($5). The eggs were perfect white pillows of runny warm yolk – just what was needed to soak into the thick slices of toast. Filled with plenty of herbs, the sausage was a delight with Kirsty commenting later that night that she wished she could have that for dinner as well.

I left my decision to the minute the waiter needed my order as I was trying to choose between the corn omelette or the pulled smoked ham hock on rye with Boston baked beans and haloumi ($17). The ham hock won because I am making an effort to not each as much chilli at the moment (that is another story in itself). The haloumi was somewhat disappointing, flaccid and dry with no squeak on the teeth, it was nothing like the meaty cheese it should have been. It was kind of this awkward loner standing on the side of the dish, not really belonging. The pulled ham mixed in with the saucy beans was lip smackingly good. It was sweet, smokey, tender and rich – perfect to spread on the dense rye bread.

Initial comments from “around the traps” have been that the service is slow and inattentive but this was not evident on our visit. I felt that the wait staff took the time to be friendly, answer our questions about the venue, bring our coffee and food in a short time frame and clear our tables quickly. As we were leaving at around 9:15am a line was starting to form of people eager to try Perth’s newest joint – so my recommendation is get there early if you don’t want to wait for a table!

16 Gordon St, West Perth
Breakfast served 7am – 11.30am weekdays, 7am – 12pm weekends

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  • Reply justagirlfromaamchimumbai 1 April, 2013 at 2:38 am

    This looks like a lovely place. A must visit for a lazy Sunday breakfast

    • Reply Liz 1 April, 2013 at 2:43 am

      Thanks for reading! I just checked out your blog – love it!

  • Reply Jan 6 May, 2013 at 11:38 am

    After an early morning visit to PMH for some routine tests with my Toddler I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to try Gordon Street Garage to fuel up on some lovely breakfast offerings. The parking was easy (right outside the door), the menu looked tasty and the place looked great. It’s a shame it all went downhill from there!

    The Garage was relatively empty and upon entering I asked for a high chair for my normal but naturally inquisitive 18-month-old son. The waitress advised me that they didn’t have high chairs and she was unsure why. I surveyed the vast seating area and opted for a booth thinking it would give me the best chance to eat my breakfast and keep my son sitting. Mindful of the short window of time I have before my son needs to move around I quickly ordered a long black and the pancakes.

    I ask another waitress why the establishment did not have high chairs. She told me that the owners had received numerous comments about the lack of high chairs and still they did not wish to provide them ‘due to the safety issue of the straps not working properly’ – REALLY. I have a high chair that complies with Australian Safety standards and I believe there are dozens of designs to choose from. High chairs not only keep the little person safe but also keep the surrounding furniture clean from naturally messy eaters! Is it safe to have young children sitting in chairs that are designed for adults whilst hot food and drink is being carried about?

    My pancakes arrived about 15 minutes after ordering which is reasonable but by that time my son wanted to get up and walk about. In between getting up and down I tucked into my breakfast. The first pancake was okay, the bananas were hot and gooey and the cream was nice. On tasting the second pancake stacked at the bottom of the plate I had a really unpleasant burnt taste in my mouth. I looked at the underside of the second pancake it was totally black and burnt. At this point I had given up on enjoying a breakfast at all.

    I showed the waiter the underside of my pancake, he was very apologetic and offered me a replacement. I declined and asked for the bill. He took the pancakes back to the kitchen and returned to the table with an offering of ‘that’s fine, it is on us’. Of course I accepted.

    All in all the Gordon Street Garage looks good but in my experience falls way short of other establishments with similar offerings. It seems to me that the aforementioned owners are passively excluding families with young children.

    • Reply Liz 6 May, 2013 at 11:47 pm

      Hi Jan, Thanks for your feedback on your experience. The comments about this place have been very mixed, so I don’t think you are alone. I agree about high chairs – even the cheap ikea ones are ok!

      Thanks for reading my site. I love hearing feedback from you guys :)

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