Haystack Cafe

26 November, 2014
Haystack Cafe

“I’ve got Kalee and Ella on Saturday morning… where can we go?”  With her daughter and niece in tow; Kristi, her sister Lisa and I endeavoured to still have our breakfast catch up, albeit a very kid friendly one. One thing I have learnt with all my friends having babies is that once they are mobile, going to a place that just has highchairs may no longer do.

So it was off to the ultimate kid friendly cafe…. at a FARM SCHOOL! Situated on the grounds of the Landsdale Farm School is Haystack cafe. You pay $6 entry per person (under 2 years old is free) and the money goes towards the upkeep of the farm. It is part of the Department of Education but is funded through grants and donations, and of course your entry fee.

The cafe is nestled amongst a row of cages filled with cockatoos that talk AND bite. So make sure the kids don’t stick their little tasty sausage fingers in the cage. There is also a small playground within sight of the outside tables. Don’t worry there is a gate between the farm and the cafe s there aren’t going to be any goats wandering in for a try of your toast!

Haystack Cafe

The coffee isn’t one of those roasted by a small local provider but it wasn’t the worst thing I had tasted. Think more “Dome” less “International Roast”. There’s a selection of milkshakes and juices on offer as well.

The  menu has all areas of breakfast covered – sweet, savoury, toasties and something a little left of field – why not have some nasi goreng for breakfast? Prices range from $3.50 for a muffin up to $16.50 for the big brekky – eggs, bacon, grilled tomato, hash browns and toast. Weirdly there is no “kids menu” for breakfast, only for lunch.

Firstly let me apologise for the red tinge to all my photos. I didn’t realise that the red umbrella threw colour onto the photos… and I was too excited by animals to properly check my shots afterwards!

The kids shared a scrambled eggs on toast ($11.50) and I had scrambled eggs and bacon ($13). It was a generous serve but my eggs were a tad underdone. Being pregnant, I am a little cautious about this but normally I wouldn’t have cared. They were seasoned well and in true “Liz form” I covered them in tomato sauce. Yum!

Haystack Eggs on Toast

Kristi’s eggs and salsa ($14) were far more gourmet than I expected. Two perfectly poached eggs sitting on a fresh tomato & avocado salsa served on italian bread. I did not think that small cafe run by a couple of ladies would smash out a couple of eggs poached like these ones. They didn’t even use those terrible poach pods!

Haystack eggs and salsa

Pancakes served with blueberries, maple syrup and fresh cream ($12) hit the spot for Lisa. She commented, “either I was REALLY hungry or those pancakes were amazing”. Wanting that Canadian flavour she also added bacon to these three fluffy  beauties.. and the staff had no problem with menu alterations.

After filling up on breakfast, milkshakes and coffee (and that was just me), we had to meet my.. I mean the kids demands and go looking at the animals. Ella was desperate to see a pig.. and we tried to tell her there might not be one. BUT there was! A big sow called “Peppa”. Sheep, goats, ducks and chickens roam free within the farm and most of them don’t mind a bit of a pat. There’s also a tractor ride, horses, alpacas, donkeys, cows and a chicken coop where the kids can lift up the flap to the hutch and see if any eggs have been laid. Those eggs that they see are then used in the meals in the cafe.


Ok the food and coffee isn’t exactly “hipster spec” but this really is a fantastic place to go with a group of friends who have kids at that curious age where they aren’t happy sitting at a table in a cafe for extended periods.  I love that a facility like this exists in suburbia so city kids can experience farm animals close up.  The best part is that everyone can have some breakfast or lunch whilst they’re there. No one wants to look at the Peppa the pig as potential breakfast!

Landsdale Farm School – 80 Landsdale Rd, Darch
Breakfast served every day from 8am

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