Hobart Deli

26 December, 2012

Andy and I were about to embark on the stupidest of missions….. shopping on Christmas eve and for this we needed a breakfast that would give us endurance. I started to mildly panic thinking that no where would be open when our first choice was closed (even though a twitter update said they would be open) but as we were in North Perth I suggested we check Hobart Deli. Located on a text book “North Perth” pretty tree lined street, this little gem .

Offering a seasonal menu full of interesting choices, Hobart Deli is making an effort with produce where many don’t. They even use freshly picked herbs from their own garden! There was a good variation of sweet and savoury as well as plenty for those who prefer to forgo meat. The prices peak at $24.90 for the “Full Playground” – bacon, herbed mushrooms, roast tomato, poached eggs, wilted spinach and a pork and fennel sausage. The vegetarian option ($21.90) replaces the sausage and bacon with a flavoursome zucchini and haloumi pattie.

The coffee was a little disappointing. The flavour was ok but the temperature was luke warm. Andy and I both ordered milkshakes which came in plastic take away cups. I thought this was a little weird since I had seen other tables served theirs in glasses. Maybe they had run out since the cafe was full to the brim.

Andy’s brioche French toast ($17.50) came Canadian style – with bacon and  maple syrup, although there was another choice which came with berries and lemon curd. For a simple dish the presentation was worth noting; triangles of thick brioche stood on end with a shot glass full of maple syrup. The brioche was soft and fluffy and the maple syrup was of excellent quality. Thinly sliced bacon added the  smoky saltiness to the dish, although Andy said he would have liked another slice.

I ordered the zucchini and haloumi patties ($19.90), which came with bacon, beetroot pesto, a fried egg and greens. The patties were packed with fresh herbs and they were cooked “al dente”. Melted haloumi held the julienned zucchini together with its salty goodness. Orange added extra sweetness to the beetroot pesto – a perfect compliment to the patties. I could have done without the fried egg but it was fresh and served sunny side up. A bed of baby spinach added a crunchy texture to this well rounded dish.

Hobart Deli is a great place to have a relaxing breakfast with your friends, better half or even as a family with the kids. The park across the road is perfect for children and there are even toys inside the cafe to keep the kids occupied. Menu choices are limited for children but plenty of people had happy kids there when we went. If breakfast wasn’t enough, there is an enticing selection of take home goodies on the front counter as well.

45 Hobart St, North Perth
Breakfast served daily 7am – 2pm 

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