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17 January, 2016
Hopscotch Bar - Breakfast Perth

When I was pregnant people would ask me “what have you been craving?” and my answer was always “dirty martinis”. This response was usually met with nervous laugher.. “is she joking? Has she been drinking mother’s ruin whilst pregnant?” Of course I hadn’t, but my next dirty martini consumed my thoughts and it was only made worse when my sister told me about the best martini she had ever had from a small bar in South Perth called Hopscotch.

She promised that she’d take me there for my first post-baby martini (which has yet to happen SARAH), but in the meantime we decided to try their Sunday breakfast.

If you have been to Hopscotch and enjoyed a fashionable espresso martini, then you’ll know they don’t mess around with below par coffee. Fiori is in the grinder, so of course the coffee is going be great!Hopscotch - Coffee - Breakfast Perth

Even though you’re having breakfast in a bar, they aren’t licensed to serve alcohol until 10am. So maybe make that champagne breakfast a bit later in the morning or enjoy one of their delicious mocktails. I tried a “passion basil fizz” – passionfruit, lemon, basil, ginger beer; Wonderfully refreshing for a hot summer’s morning.

They haven’t tried to offer “everything but the kitchen sink” on their breakfast menu. It’s concise; offering up handsome choices with prices ranging from $13 for eggs on toast with truffle oil up to $22 for bacon bruschetta with roquette pesto, feta.

Megs has always been my early riser breakfast buddy. Sleeping in is for chumps! (says the sleep deprived mother). I can always count on her to order something sweet and here she went with the blueberry buttermilk pancakes ($18) served with berry compote. The stack of plump pancakes were a little doughy in the middle and could have used a touch longer on the heat. A small dollop of deep red coloured berry compote was delicious and a little pot of syrup was a welcome addition as it all would have gotten a little “stick in your mouth” otherwise.

Hopscotch - Pancakes - Breakfast Perth

My sister Sarah ordered the bacon bruschetta ($22) with gluten free bread. Surprisingly, the bread wasn’t just shop bought cardboard with a hefty surcharge. This bread was good, as was the whole dish. A decent pile of bacon was topped with a red onion and tomato salsa and fresh peppery rocket. The pesto and feta added the depth of flavour to round this out as a brilliant bruschetta.

Hopscotch - Bruschetta - Breakfast Perth

For a princely sum of $13, the smashed avocado with feta, ciabatta, pumpkin seed that I had was good value. A fresh tasting, well seasoned avocado salsa was piled with my favourite of the fetas – Danish, and a tangle of rocket with pumpkin seeds added pepperiness and crunch. This was a brekky that left me feeling satisfied but not in need of a mid morning kip.

Hopscotch - Avocado - Breakfast Perth

People who work in a bar that serve breakfast from 7am on a Sunday morning need commending. Bar work is usually for those who are night owls..not chirpy morning folk. I don’t normally recommend bars for breakfast, as to be honest, they aren’t usually very good.

I will break from tradition to say that Hopscotch is one bar worth going to for brekky! Thought, I will be back for a “dirtier than Lindsay Lohan” martini very soon.

79 Angelo Street, South Perth
Breakfast served Sundays 7am – 11am
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