28 September, 2013

When I told people I was reviewing the Ikea breakfast I was met with mixed reactions. Some people were for it, saying it’s good to review all kinds, others were horrified saying I was lowering myself for a cheap gag. This has actually turned out to be one of the hardest reviews I have written in a long time. On one hand I have this breakfast that made me feel dirty (and not in the good way) and on the other I have the price of $2.95. What can I say? Well… this…

Checking out Ikea’s breakfast on a Friday morning was probably the only smart thing I did that day; I really don’t have the temperament to do it on a weekend. We got there just after 9am and I was a little surprised that there was already a line in the cafeteria style restaurant. We grabbed a tray and joined the queue . If you don’t want to carry your tray, they have specially made trolleys that carry several trays at once or just one tray if you’re that way inclined. I was excited to see what was on offer and this whole experience had started to remind of when I was a kid and we had to put on a nice dress to “go into town” – we’d get to eat at the Coles Fossey cafeteria and we were allowed to have a jelly cup that had a chocolate frog in it. There were jelly cups at Ikea as well as danishes, tarts, yogurt, mousse, cakes, fruit and muffins and then there was the hot breakfast.

Sitting in bain marie trays was bacon, eggs, sausages, beans, hash browns and tomatoes. For $2.95 you get a single serve of sausage, egg and bacon; you add the other stuff on yourself. There was a choice of eggs poached in pods or powdered scrambled eggs. Andy and I also added a croissant ($1.95), danish ($2.75) and a bread roll (60c). I have just realised looking at the receipt that we were charged twice for the bread roll… I now understand how the lady in front of me felt who was arguing over 30c at the till. I was annoyed at her for making me wait and making my breakfast get cold. I judged her wrongly.

Andy went for the $2 upgrade, which means you get double serves of egg, bacon and sausage. Brave I thought considering he only just returned from a 2 week stint on site.

The coffee comes from a machine that uses UTZ certified coffee. You can read more about UTZ on their website – . Basically, it is an organisation that sets standards for sustainable and responsible farming. I found it interesting that there is a big focus on food that is ethical, organic, trans fat free and all those other buzz words on the Ikea website yet they are careful to state this is for “Ikea Food branded products”. I wonder if this extends to what was on offer in the bain marie? Anyway, back to the coffee… it was what I expected – “good” for machine coffee but quite offensive when measured against anything worth drinking.

The breakfast was something I couldn’t stomach to finish. The powdered scrambled eggs were hideous. Unnaturally bright yellow in colour, they had a weird texture, similar to cottage cheese, but tasted of nothing – which made the texture worse. Not even lashings of tomato sauce helped. The sausages at least had flavour but were over cooked with split skins and a fair bit of chew in them. Shortcut bacon from a heated tray was as expected –  rubbery. Andy and I both liked the hash browns – deep fried crispy triangles of potato goodness – really, how could they be bad? They are like chips for breakfast. I know they came from the freezer but when you’re comparing them with everything else on the plate – they were the star. The thing is I am not surprised or disappointed about what was on our plates. I expected it for the low price of $2.95.

We chose to have the cooked breakfast but you could make your breakfast into something a little more appetising and healthy by choosing the fruit salads or yogurts. So, not all is lost!

The thing is no matter what we thought of the food – we both agreed that we could not argue with the price. Our whole breakfast including bottles of water and coffee cost $21.55. It’s easy to see why families choose to eat at Ikea – it’s cheap, there’s a lot of choice with kid friendly options and it makes this store into a one stop shop for your weekend out shopping for home wares. A cheap breakfast followed by the purchasing of reasonably priced flat pack furniture prepares you for a fun afternoon of learning to use an allen key.

6 Sunray Drive, Innaloo (Cedric St off ramp – Mitchell Fwy)

Breakfast served Mon-Fri 9am – 10.30am, Saturday 8am – 10.30am 
Published on WA Today – 27th September

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  • Reply Lynn 30 September, 2015 at 3:42 am

    I recently had the vegetarian breakfast at Ikea in Rhodes, Sydney. I ate the best hashbrowns I’ve ever tasted (I want the recipe), the scrambled eggs were absolutely delicious, my ciabatta roll was the perfect texture, and of course, the baked beans were exactly that – the same as you get out of a can, which is what we want, isn’t it. I can’t comment on the sausages, but my companions (one being a gourmet cook) enjoyed them.

    • Reply Liz 30 September, 2015 at 10:01 am

      Glad you enjoyed your breakfast Lynn! You definitely can’t complain about the great value for money there :) Thanks for reading xx

  • Reply Andrew 7 July, 2016 at 9:51 am

    Were did you think these beans come from mate the IKEA. Catalogue 😉

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