Jack and Jill

4 December, 2014
Jack & Jill

I’ve heard you loud and clear Perth… apparently I do not review enough local nosheries serving good food at a reasonable price. But what is a reasonable price? What I consider reasonable might not be the same as the next person. I consider paying $20 for a breakfast in Perth made of local produce very reasonable…. but not everyone agrees. Too often, people associate price with quality but I urge you all to pay attention to where the ingredients are from. Is it a tin or someone’s hard work?

Well let’s try a place that prides itself on using local organic ingredients and see what you all think. You have to take a trip up the hill to visit Jack and Jill – Kalamunda’s newest cafe. If you’re a local you’ll know that the cosy Haynes Street Larder had lines out the door most weekends for their coffee. The same passionate people have now opened this new ultra modern cafe a few doors down and the fans have followed them.

Where as the Larder has that country, organic feel to it, Jack and Jill is all about natural light, open space and sharp lines. There are booths, bar seating, small tables and a big communal table if you don’t mind sharing.

When my husband Andy and I  visited for breakfast they had only been open 3 days. There was a touch of chaos and stress about the place but I have to hand it to them – they handled a full cafe  better than I have seen some of the old stalwarts deal with it. I went back a second time a couple of weeks later with my friend Mark and they were running like a well oiled machine. Yep… the place was still full with people waiting for tables.

In the spirit of keeping things local, the team here use Crema coffee. Yep.. you know that coffee I am always raving about? Jack & Jill - CoffeeWell it is originally from Kalamunda. They use an organic version of the roast up at the Haynes Street Larder as well.

Prices on this savvy menu range from $6.50 for organic toast with house made butter and preserves up to $22 for the Jack – eggs, maple bacon, cheese kransky, mushroom, hash brown, tomato and toast. It’s been a while since I have seen a menu where my mind jumps from dish to dish thinking “I want that… and that.. oh AND THAT”. There is some really cool stuff on there; think dishes like  pulled pork toastie, gin and tonic salmon and tapioca.

In an unusual move for my husband, he went with the sweet option of the Brioche french toast ($16). Served with fresh peach and marscapone, the tartness of the stone fruit balanced out the sweetness to a tee. He asked me “are peaches meant to be like this?”… you see my English husband thought peaches just came from a tin. If only Jamie’s School Dinners was around when he was at school.  A few dollops of strawberry coulis really only added to the presentation but the granules of bee pollen were the perfect final touch. They almost had the flavour of pistachios dipped in honey; what an interesting element to add to a dish.

Jack & jill - french toast

My choice of the bruschetta ($15.50) was a little flakey in parts.  Under all that fresh peppery rocket are two slabs of haloumi and chunks of soft buttery avocado. I was a little disappointed by the haloumi. It was leathery and dry suggesting it had been overcooked or left on the pass too long. I had seen another lady order the same dish and seeing her perfect haloumi gave me food envy. The bread was anointed with a decent amount of tomato chutney that lifted the whole dish with it’s sweet oniony flavour.

Jack & Jill - Bruschetta

On my second visit I ordered the tapioca ($11)… a dish I had seen on Instagram and was intrigued to try. This was a hefty serve of bubbly pudding like tapioca with dried coconut, fresh mango and a little jar of palm sugar syrup. I love mango, love love love. It’s usually a fruit I like to eat in the privacy of my own home where I can suck the flesh off the skin whilst leaning over the sink with all the sweet juice running down my chin and hands. To have a mountain of it cut in perfect cubes on a breakfast was a delight. If you want to order something other than muesli or porridge for breakfast, then this is your dish.

Jack & Jill - Tapioca

A true test for any establishment serving breakfast is the poached egg. Mark was after a simple brekky and his eggs on toast ($8)  could have easily been a flop, but the two plump beauties that graced the loafers organic toast were spot on. The tomato chutney made for a snazzy accompaniment.

Jack & Jil - eggs

No longer does a trip to the hills mean franchise coffee and ham and cheese toasted sandwiches garnished with alfalfa sprouts. Jack and Jill is definitely worth the trip up the hill. Warning… hills people like to get up early so if you want to nab one of their coveted booths, don’t have too much of a sleep in!

18 Haynes St, Kalamunda
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Breakfast served 8am – 12pm Wednesday – Sunday
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Originally published on WA Today on Friday 5th December 2014

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