3 February, 2013

Before anyone begins the task of visiting home opens and display homes in 38 degree heat,  you need to make sure you are fed and watered. Without a wholesome breakfast and amazing coffee the “fed up” mood would have come a lot sooner for Andy and I as we traipsed around from house to house.. display home to display home and Jezebelle’s gave us the fuel we needed. Located in art deco building at the end of a long line of antique and bric-a-brac shops, Jezebelle’s is adding a touch of new world class to old fashioned Guildford. The interior is classy without being pretentious and I admired that the decor was inspired by huge piece of art work on the wall by local artist Christine Hingston (no.. it’s not for sale).

I was surprised that when we arrived at peak time that we got a table so easily. Our coffee orders were taken and I asked for mine with an extra shot. Jezebelle use Crema coffee which according to their website, is a blend of  Brazillian, Tanzanian Peaberry and Nicaragua bean. This was the kind of coffee that makes you instantly recognise the difference between good coffee… and bad. It was exceptional. Perfect temperature with a full bodied yet smooth flavour, it was faultless.

Even though the menu offerings are fairly standard there is something about them that made them seem fresh, healthy and decadent, maybe it was all the mention of wild rocket and Jean-Pierre Sancho bread. Prices start at $8 for Jean-Pierre sourdough or fruit and nut bread and peak at $24 for Jezebelle Brekky – two swan valley free range eggs, chipolatas, bacon, tomato salsa, hot smoked salmon potato cake, mushrooms, chipolatas and toasted sourdough. It’s great to see local produce being used.. so local that it barely has far to travel to your plate. There is also some pretty fancy french champagne on offer if you have a reason to celebrate at breakfast… or just because.

Andy’s smoked salmon cakes ($16) came with poached eggs, avocado and a colourful salsa. He also ordered bacon as a side, he said “it’s been more than 24 hours since I last ate it”. The poached eggs were perfect smooth white balloons filled with runny yolk and the salsa was fresh and crunchy. Delicate flakes of smoked salmon filled the cakes along with plenty of sweet corn and fresh herbs. They made for a light yet filling breakfast.

I decided to go for something truly healthy, gourmet toasted muesli ($12) which came topped with fresh fruit & organic natural Greek yoghurt. I asked for a side of honey as well as I love it with the tartness of greek yogurt. The muesli was packed with nuts, seed and dried fruit. Seasonal fruit was used on top – beautiful soft wedges of peach and sweet nectarine. This breakfast definitely gave me the fuel I needed for the day.

The service is schmick and I loved that I felt like I was in a top class restaurant enjoying my favourite meal of the day. Jezebelle’s is really worth the drive out to picturesque Guildford. You can even stop in there on your way out to the wine region of the Swan Valley – you’ll need a good breakfast before any wine tasting!


127 James St, Guildford
Breakfast served weekends 7am – 11.30am

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  • Reply Kirsty 2 March, 2013 at 1:22 pm

    I just went for dinner here!
    The food was fantastic… now I’ve seen this review, i’ll have to go back and try breakfast. And you should try dinner too, if you’ve not already!!!

  • Reply Sally McGlew 16 April, 2015 at 7:33 am

    Jezebelle is a little bit of Melbourne in Guildford thank the lord!

    • Reply Liz 16 April, 2015 at 7:43 am

      It is one of my fave places!

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