Kettle Cafe

25 September, 2014
Kettle Cafe

Kettle Cafe has been Lathlain’s little secret for a while now. With new owners at the helm of this corner cafe, I was interested to see if it was still as good as it was when I first visited about a year ago. I hate seeing a cafe ride on the great name the previous owners built and do nothing to up keep the reputation themselves.

I needn’t have worried. Kettle is still great!

Inside there is no shortage of space. It is rare that you get one of these suburban cafes that isn’t so cramped you’re sitting on top of each other. Kettle ticks all the boxes – tables outside, tables for large groups, small groups, couches and plenty of room for mums with bubs and their prams.

Filled with dishes that are homely but just a little bit different, the all day breakfast menu will give you plenty of reason to Kettle Cafe - Coffeejump out of bed…. hangover and all. Prices range from $5 for toast (they don’t charge extra for gluten free) up to $20 for the Fill Up – chipolatas, tomato, bacon, eggs, mushrooms and a rosti. Got the kids in tow? No problems, there is a kids size egg and toast for only $6.

I make no secret of my love for Crema coffee and the barista at Kettle nailed it. Creamy to the last drop I was almost tempted to order a second cup. The reason I didn’t? I had a chocolate milkshake too. My name is Liz and I’m a milkaholic.

When Andy is home on R&R he looks forward to eating decent food. The “Fill Up” was right up his alley on this morning, which is unusual as he mostly tries to order the dish that is “different” for the purpose of the review. Bless his  cotton socks that he leaves for me to wash when he goes back to site. For $20 this big brekky was real bang for your buck. The sausages were a special treat tasting like black pudding. OK, this might not be a treat for everyone but the take home message here is that they were bloody tasty. A double serving of the rosti was filling and he said it was one of those things where you could taste all the individual flavours. Andy is never a fan of a tomato on a breakfast. After we all chatted about The Bach (The Bachelor TV Show… not the composer) for 15 minutes and how much we miss the #dirtystreetpie, we then had to listen to Andy tell us about how much he hated tomato on breakfast. My opinion is – get rid of it. Why is it there? WHAT’S ITS MEANING?

Kettle Cafe - Fill Up

I had a bit of a hankering for beans and when I saw that their  one pot egg and white beans  ($17) was served with parmesan bread I was sold. I imagined this bread to be exactly like the cheese bread you get at Sizzler. And I mean Sizzler 15 years ago, not Sizzler now with it’s one trip to the salad bar rule. The bread was better than that! It had fresh parmesan melted on top of sour dough. This was the king of all dipping breads. This baked egg dish was loaded with chilli sausage which had a distinctive white wine flavour. A bit strange but not unpleasant. These beans really hit the spot though. Sweet from the red onion and well cooked out tomato base it was the kind of thing that had you smacking your lips for more.

Kettle Cafe - White Beans

Marie ordered the sunflower rye bread with spinach, poached eggs, cajun avocado and hollandaise ($16). When we saw this dish come out we all knew those glossy white eggs were going to be loaded with some lava like golden runny yolk.  The money shot? Cutting through the egg and seeing the river of yolk oozing through the dish. It’s what us breakfast lovers live for! The hollandaise was thick, creamy and buttery; made by a chef who isn’t afraid of a bit of fat. Perfect.

Kettle Cafe - Sunflower Rye Eggs

If you fancy something for your morning meal that doesn’t have the obligatory slice of toast on the side then the sweet potato rosti with haloumi ($17) will suit you just fine. A huge slab of haloumi perched on a brick sized rosti was an impressive serve that Rachael couldn’t even finish. This haloumi was the real squeaky deal. This cheese is the “steak” of the cheeses. So darn good! Served with salsa verde and herb salad, it was the fried egg that let you know – yep this is still a breakfast dish.

Kettle Cafe - Rosti with Haloumi

You won’t wait long for your coffee or food at Kettle Cafe. Peak breakfast time didn’t cause a bump in their speedy service at all.  I hate waiting for coffee and breakfast – it’s the morning and your starving and craving caffeine. Don’t make me wait for it!

Kettle Cafe is another winner in the suburban cafe category. Why fight for parking in Mt Lawley or Vic Park when you can just cruise in, park for free and enjoy a pretty darn good breakfast. There’s even a park across the road if you wanted to grab a take away coffee for dessert and the let the kids have a play.

23 Lathlain Place, Lathlain
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Breakfast served every day from 7am

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Originally posted on WA Today 26th September

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