Little Bird Cafe

3 August, 2014
Little Bird Cafe

The latest cafe whose food has been filling my Instagram feed is Little Bird Cafe. When you make your food look amazing – EVERYONE is going to share it on the social media trifecta (facey, insty and twitter). Breakfast isn’t just about slopping up some bacon and eggs on a plate anymore!

Filled with modish recycled furniture, Little Bird is a deceivingly large space. There is bar seating outside as well as a huge sweeping space inside. There’s plenty of room for large groups and well well worn couches for curling up with your bestie over a smoothie, cake and coffee.

Little Bird Cafe

This is the kind of menu that you feel healthier for just reading. The gluten, dairy and meat adverse amongst us will love what’s on offer here but don’t fret bacon lovers, they have you covered too. Prices range from $5 for croissants with jam up to $20 for a sweet potato and pancetta hash served with a poached egg and a pear salad.Little Bird Cafe Coffee

One of my fave locals, Pound coffee, supplies the hot stuff. It’s always good. Always. If a cup of black gold doesn’t tickle your fancy maybe one of their organic smoothies ($8) or juices ($7) will. All berries and bananas they use are certified organic and there is a good choice of dairy free smoothies using almond milk. If you need a protein boost, you can add in some whey powder for an extra $3.

I’ve been told by Gus from BBQ blog Gusface Grillah that I have been ordering porridge too much lately. It’s true… I have. But it’s winter! There was no porridge on the menu, but they do have a very pretty looking honey and almond granola ($15.50) served with  strawberries, almond milk and vanilla bean coconut yogurt. I spent a good few minutes deciding between this and the banana and coconut buckwheat pancakes ($19.50). The pancakes won. Served as a large single pancake this spongey delight had slices of banana baked in with the batter and a hefty serve of fresh banana on top. The cashew cream had a hint of sweetness but the nutty flavour was a perfect marriage with the fruit. I loved that I got my own bottle of maple syrup – I hate not having enough! This dish was full of whimsy with mint, cherries and little pansies decorating the top. Whenever I see that flower I think of Alice in Wonderland – you know the scene where she is in the flower garden and they are all talking to her? Yeah… don’t do acid kids.

Little Bird Cafe pancakes

Andy’s sweet potato and pancetta hash was a rustic dish. Large chunks of soft roasted sweet potato mixed in with crispy pancetta that added the right amount of saltiness. Peppery rocket with sweet pear was refreshing; nailing that famous salty and sweet combo. The poached egg on top sat there waiting to be pierced. I asked Andy “is it runny?” and he said “of course it is… look at it” as he sliced the knife through to reveal a golden river of yolk. Perfect. Something like a labneh would have been a good addition to this dish, just to give it something else to bind it all together. There was no complaints about the portion size of this breakfast – is was substantial to say the least!

Little Bird Cafe sweet potato hash

Northbridge isn’t the seedy joint it used to be, there’s a few cafes worth visiting  and we can now add Little Bird Cafe to that list. With an all day breakfast on offer, you can have a sleep in and roll on down for a breakfast that will leave you feeling tops.

100 Lake St, Northbridge
Breakfast served every day from 8am 
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