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6 December, 2013

Another suburb… another suburban cafe. Well Little Sisto is certainly very suburban sitting as part of a grubby looking supermarket and few other shops but as soon you step inside you forget about all that as you take a seat amongst the vertical gardens of succulents or outthe back amongst the tumbling grape vine leaves with a sleeping cat in a wine barrel. It is as peaceful as sitting in your own backyard…. if your backyard has a sleeping cat and vines that is.

I visited Little Sisto twice as I wanted to go back and try a certain type of coffee, but more about that later. My first visit was with Jess. She is a local and has been raving about this place to me for MONTHS. I had never heard of this café in Doubleview and honestly, I did wonder “where have you taken me” when we pulled up to the shops but as I was about to discover, don’t always trust your first impression!

There is so much on offer on their menu, with a whole section dedicated to gourmet toasted sandwiches. If you can’t find something you like on here then there is something wrong with you. They haven’t just given a slight nod to healthy options either, instead there is a decent selection of anything you would need for a “fresh start”. Prices peak at $20 for the big breakfast – thick cut bacon, thyme mushrooms, wilted spinach, feta, oven roasted tomatoes an multigrain sourdough. There is a very well priced kids menu as well. They can choose from eggs (fried or with soldiers) and toast ($5.50) or for $6 there is cheese on toast triangles or fruit and yogurt. I think that is one of the best priced kids menus I have seen, especially when some places are charging up to $12 for a kids serve of eggs on toast.

Jess and I both ordered our coffees and it was only when I left I saw they serve Yirgacheffe. This cemented my decision to return with Andy. Yirgacheffe is like the champagne of the coffee world; it can only be called Yirgacheffe if it comes from a particular area in Ethiopia. The coffee I had with Jess was of course amazing but the cup of Yirgacheffe I had with Andy was on a whole other level. The lovely people at Five Senses supply Little Sisto with coffee and you always know it’s going to be a good cup when you see their name up on the board. A great little service offered at this cafe is that you can text your coffee order in. How good is that… text from bed, drive in and pick up a cup of Yirgacheffe and head back home to the paper and breakfast cooked by your loved one. Wishful thinking maybe?

When I visited with Jess I ordered the thyme roasted mushrooms with feta, lemon and parsley on multigrain sour dough ($12). The thick toast was glistening with salty butter as it sat underneath a generous pile of plump mushies. The lemon gave a slight zing to that tell tale thyme-y flavour and a sprinkling of crumbly feta finished off the dish nicely. Of course I could have done with more feta – but I think I have an addiction. I can’t even have it in the house.

Jess, being quite pregnant, went with scrambled eggs on toast ($12). Even though she asked for them “well cooked”, they were still light and fluffy. It was decent serve for $12! The best part she said was that the toast was pre-buttered… no pulling the toast out from underneath a pile of egg then shoving it back under once buttered here.

On my second visit I chose the veg and egg ($16) which was a freshly presented dish of  a poached egg, wilted spinach, cherry tomatoes, feta, avocado and house made tomato relish. Everything was bursting with colour and flavour, the spinach was tender with a touch of crunch and the cherry tomatoes were sweet little beauties.  A plump balloon of a poached egg was ready to burst it’s runny yellow yolk over the toast and when coupled with the sweet yet spicy chutney and avocado – heaven! I really love a good chutney! (so does Andy… luckily I offered him a taste)

Andy went with one of their grilled sandwiches made up of mushroom, tomato, charred red onion, spinach, relish, havarti on rye. ($12) He asked for it with bacon because he “just couldn’t go vego that day”. This wasn’t any ordinary shopping centre toasted sanger… this was a gourmet giant! Three perfectly neat rectangular cubes filled with fresh ingredients held together by melted tasty havarti cheese. The mushrooms were cooked nicely and didn’t release their water into the bread, which was rich and dark with a nutty flavour. This was a toasted sandwich for fit for a king.

Little Sisto is ridiculously busy but the whole time I was there (both times) but it felt like it was just us at our table enjoying breakfast and a chat. You barely notice the bustle around you. When Jess and I had finished our second coffees and extensive catch up session one of the wait staff placed the bill on our table; a subtle hint but we took it. We didn’t want to make anyone else wait for the chance to have some of the best coffee and food in Perth.

145 Sackville Tce, Doubleview
Breakfast served 6.30am – 11.30am Tues – Sun 
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Originally published on WA Today – 6th Dec 2013

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