Little Willys

16 August, 2013

So firstly… be careful when you say “I am going to review Little Willys for breakfast”. Secondly, I am not 100% sure if it is “Little Willys” or “Little Willy’s”… just one little apostrophe makes all the difference! I am going to go with “Little Willys”, which is how they refer to themselves on their Facebook page.

Easily identifiable by its bright orange and blue beach umbrellas along William Street, Little Willys is a small nook in the wall with a couple of cosy booths plus a few tables and chairs made from recycled materials….think milk crates with wooden boards and milking stools with well  worn tables. There is something nostalgically  “share-housey” about it,  without the “bong water on carpet” smell of course. It’s actually pretty cool.

Andy and I slid into a comfy booth and checked out what was on offer. Prices range from $3 for toast (including gluten free) up to $15 for the breakfast burrito with the lot (bacon, egg, mushroom, spinach and corn salsa). YES you read right… the top price is $15! It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to get excited about a well priced menu.

Little Willys use a fairly new local coffee roaster called Pound Coffee. Based in O’Connor, these guys already have some big names to call their clients including quite a few cafes in our South West. It was easy to see why they have become popular – this coffee was tops. A robust flavour with a touch of natural sweetness, this cuppa had a creamy texture right to the last mouthful.

Andy chose to have the famous breakfast burrito. I say “famous” because as soon as I mentioned to anyone about where we were going, the response was “you HAVE to try their burrito”.  This tightly bound, lightly toasted cylinder of goodness was a tasty number. The flavours were fresh and discernible, it was also deceivingly filling. The only complaint being that there was a tad too much water left in the mushrooms, suggesting they were cooked on low heat. It made the tortilla a bit soggy towards the end.


WOAH… is exactly what I said when my dish was placed in front of me. This omelette was a huge eggy case bursting with goodies like gooey cheddar, crunchy corn salsa, spring onion and mushrooms. There were no boring bits either. You know how omelettes can get… all crowded in the middle with the fun stuff leaving sad edges void of any flavour? If this vegetarian version of omelette  doesn’t take your fancy, there is also a salmon, feta and corn salsa one on the menu.

The staff were exceptionally welcoming and friendly. Even the barista wanted to chat! I had forgotten it was a cash only café; when I got to the counter and realised, the guy said “it’s ok… just pay after or whenever you’re ready”. I was shocked as I was prepared to have to march my butt off to the ATM before even being able to order. A range of patrons from suits to backpackers to people just enjoying a Friday morning breakfast on their day off streamed in and out of Little Willys the whole time we were there. What a great little nook in the wall  for enjoying a take away coffee, having an impromptu business meeting over breakfast or just to sit back and watch the Northbridge crowd pass by…. just be careful when saying “I’m going to check out Little Willys for breakfast”.

267 William St, Northbridge
Breakfast served from 6am weekdays and from 8am weekends
Originally posted on WA Today, Friday 16th August.

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