Mia Cafe

29 December, 2008

Mia Cafe – 905 Beaufort St (cnr of Tenth ave) – Inglewood
Breakfast served from 8am – 3pm 7 days
Licensed for BYO only

After rolling out of bed at 12pm on Sunday morning… I mean afternoon.. and seriously craving a decent fry up for breakfast, Bambino and I walked down to the local Mia Cafe. Breakfast? After 12pm? YES! Mia Cafe does all day breakfast 7 days a week with brunch on Sundays and public holidays. Brunch includes a lunch menu as well as the usual breakfast menu from 8am, in case anyone feels like a pasta for breakfast. So if you have had a big night and need to sleep in past 11am, you can now do this and still go out for an enjoyable breakfast!

Mia cafe has a wonderful breakfast menu with an italian flare. Many of the dishes include foods such as chorizo, roma and sundried tomatoes, rocket and parmesan cheese. Mia Cafe also has its own version of hash browns called “Smash Browns”. They are chunky and contain mustard seeds and they are delicious! The price ranges from $4 for basic toast and spreads up to $20 for a Vegetarian breakfast extreme, which includes tomatoes, mushrooms, roasted capsicum, smash browns, spinach, asparagus, toast and 2 eggs. Other honourable mentions on the menu include the “Breakfast Bruschetta” which is roasted roma tomatoes, rocket and parmesan with a poached egg on top of turkish bread. “Scrambled Eggs” with fetta, sundried tomatoes on toasted garlic turkish bread. There are a few vegetarian meals available as well as a “create your own breakfast” option.

The drinks menu was just as wonderful with coffee’s, fresh juices, fruit smoothies and Margaret River Juices to choose from. Mia Cafe is BYO with a corkage charge of $4 per bottle. I think the corkage charge is extremely reasonable considering a lot of places charge that per person.

So… what did we order? Bambino and I both ordered and craved the Breakfast Extreme – chorizo, mushrooms, bacon, tomato, smash browns, toast and 2 eggs. I had scrambled eggs and Bambino had poached. To drink I ordered a cappuccino AND a banana smoothie (I need my milk in the morning), Bambino ordered a watermelon and strawberry juice followed by a Triple G (ginger) Margaret River juice. The breakfast extreme really was EXTREME. I think our eyes were bigger than our stomachs, as we both struggled to finish.. although Bambino did a lot better than me! The meal itself was faultless. The chorizo had a slight curry flavour and was a nice replacement for the usual chippolatas seen in a full breakfast. The scrambled eggs were perfect and also had spring onion in them. The smash browns were delicious, in fact it was all delicious!

The coffee was a tad bitter but I threw it back so quick it barely touched the sides anyway. My banana smoothie wasn’t as cold as I would have liked a milk drink to be but it was was nice none the less. Bambino really enjoyed is watermelon and strawberry juice saying it was very refreshing as well as his Triple G juice which he said tasted like ginger beer.

Mia Cafe has changed its type of service since I was last there, instead of table service to order, you now order and pay at the counter. This has it’s advantages in that you can order and pay, eat and leave. The disadvantage is that if you want to order more coffee’s, drinks etc during your meal you have to get up and go to the counter each time. Our drinks and meals arrived within a suitable time and the staff were friendly. The one thing that did annoy me was there are a couple of open doors that lead out to the Mia Flora garden centre that the cafe is part of. This of course meant FLIES. They could maybe do with a fly screen on these doors as shooing flies from my breakfast and face got annoying very quickly, especially after two flies mating landed on my hand.

Despite the flies the breakfast was very enjoyable and was just what we needed. The setting of the cafe is quite spacious with old wooden floors and an open kitchen, yet there is no over whelming echoey noise that you would expect with the character of this cafe. Mia Cafe also supports local artists with a wall they can ‘hire’ to sell their art. This makes for something interesting to look at and talk about over your meal.

So next time you wake up too late to make it to church and fancy breakfast in the afternoon, check out Mia Cafe!

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  • Reply MICHAEL 18 February, 2013 at 6:54 am

    I wish to express my disappointment and anger at having to wait 25 minutes to get a toasted sandwich! Unbelievable! I placed my order at 1.40 pm and did not get my sandwich until just after 2.05pm.

    I could understand it if the place was busy, but it wasn’t…people who arrived after me got served first. I ended up having to take my sandwich away and eat it at work….the whole point of going to Mia was to get the …….out of the office.

    I also consider that in terms of value for money the toasted sandwich was very poor…it tasted ok, but value for money….man, you really need to life your game! In the end I went across the road and picked up a cooked meal – fresh lamb and steamed veg for $6.95……$1 odd less than your scrawny toasted chicken and cheese sandwich!

    There is NO excuse for such poor service, and poor value for money just add insult to injury. I don’t normally complain, but todays ‘effort’ fell so short that I felt I had to say something.

    I would have said something at the time except I was so shocked and angry I feared for the level of invective that would have poured out. And much and all as the staff did deserve a kick in the butt, they did/do not deserve to be abused.

    Perhaps you don’t give a damn – I’m just one customer among many – but trust me on this, not giving a damn is what will cost you your business and your customers. It has cost you this one for what that’s worth.

    Disappointedly Yours,


    • Reply Liz 18 February, 2013 at 7:08 am

      Hi Michael

      Thanks for you feedback. I just wanted to make sure that you knew that you have commented on a review website and that I am not actually associated with the business of Mia Cafe.

      It sounds like your complaints are warranted and maybe you could send an email to them directly. I tried to find a contact for you but it doesn’t seem like they have a website to find this information.

      I’m sorry you had such a bad experience.


      Liz Sheehan

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