2 February, 2009

Milkd – 45 Eighth Ave Maylands
Breakfast served all day from 7am daily. No poached eggs after 12pm though!

Milkd in Maylands is the sister to the flagship Milkd cafe in North Perth. I have been to both cafe’s, so don’t worry about missing out on anything by going to one or the other, as they virtually the same.. even down to the type of people frequenting the cafe. I have found that the type of people to go to Milkd are friendly, pleasant and have that unspoken appreciation and respect for what it takes to enjoy breakfast amongst others in a small cafe.

My poor bambino had his wisdom teeth out in hospital on Friday and was not keen to join me at breakfast because in his words “I don’t just want to sit there and watch you eat what you want.. I’ll want bacon and toast”. I guess being on a diet of baby food upsets some people. My sister was keen to come along though – great!

As we sat down I realised it was very smokey inside the cafe… like when bacon or lamb chops are being cooked with no exhaust fan on. I found this quite irritating as I knew I would walk out of there stinking of bacon and I had just washed my hair! Anyway.. moving on… The menu at Milkd is quite simplistic for breakfast. Simplistic doesn’t have to mean ‘boring’. In Milkd’s case.. it’s perfect for the size of the cafe and the choices are still interesting. The menu follows a theme I have seen in a few places now – breakfast with an italian flair. Sausages are being replaced by chorizo/grilled sausage, feta appears strongly on the menu.. and I LOVE IT!

The meals ranged in price from $6 for New Norica bread or fruit loaf to $16.90 for the Milkd Plate – Scrambled eggs, sourdough toast, tomato, feta, bacon and italian sausage. There was a great range of light breakfast meals as well as the heartier options.

My sister and I decided on the No Bread Breaky – rocket, fresh tomato, feta, poached eggs and italian sausage. I ordered our meals and coffee’s at the counter a lot quicker than I thought considering there was a line. My sister and I were impressed that they got her iced coffee with skim milk, no icecream, no cream but with ice order right! My cappuccino was wonderful – smooth and just the right temperature to not feel like I was drinking luke warm bath water or burning my taste buds off.

Our meals took a while longer than I expected to come out, but with how busy they were, it was forgivable. The plate was overloaded with food. It reminded me of a ‘Ploughmans Lunch’ in a way. Everything on the plate was fresh and tasty. I love the poached egg/rocket combination, they go so well together. The feta cheese was firm so you can actually eat it on a fork instead of it having a creme cheese texture, which is more suited to a tasting plate type meal. The italian sausage was cooked just right – still flavoursome without the oiliness. I was surprised at how full I felt after finishing the meal considering it ‘looks’ like a salad. I felt full but not heavy which I think having no bread made that difference.

I also loved the selection of San Pellegrino drinks – I know Bambino would have ordered a Chinotto had he been there. So I bought one .. take away.

The staff at Milkd are fantastic. They make you feel like nothing would be too hard for them to do for you. Ordering my sisters complicated ice coffee was met with nothing but a smile and “sure! No worries”.

Milkd has some cool quirky little things like board games that you can play – “Deal or No Deal” caught my eye… imagine jumping around a cafe doing that silly ‘No Deal’ arms crossed sign they do on the show whilst waiting for your soy capp? Where else can you have that sort of fun!?! They have also just established themselves as a wireless hotspot! You can enjoy free internet on your laptop, which really adds to the appeal of having one of those ‘power breakfasts’ I was so keen about at Crema Cafe. Also, surfing the net makes dining alone a lot less awkward.

I’d like to apologise for the horrible photo of Milkd. A crazy eastern European lady with questionable dental hygiene chased my sister and I off the path for taking a picture because she didn’t want to be in it (even though the photo was of a sign) and we ‘should have asked people first’. Ok.. I’ll remember to ask next time I am taking a picture of a landmark. Even when we moved to the other side of the road she was still carrying on like the KGB had killed her first born. Maybe she has something to hide?

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  • Reply Petar 18 February, 2009 at 5:25 am

    >i’m a big fan of milkd.. yum


  • Reply Me 8 March, 2009 at 7:31 am

    >Milkd is Maylands’ primary export.

  • Reply sweeney_1973 4 April, 2009 at 10:00 am

    >Stupid fool!!!

    If you knew ANYTHING about cafes in Perth you would know that the crazy eastern european lady is actually Lorena Tati (the owner) and you are lucky she didn’t stick the camera up your arse.

    You profess to know SO much about breakfast however your reviews of places like The Imp and Cantina are very misguided and pathetic. Do you actually have any qualifications for you to critique cafes and restaurants other than eating a lot of food?

    So rather than slagging off cafes you know nothing about maybe you should open your own.

    Anyone who calls their boyfriend “Bambino” has definitely got some issues!

  • Reply The Perth Breakfast Bitch 6 April, 2009 at 4:04 am

    >Thanks for the feedback Sweeny, interesting that you think the “crazy Eastern European lady” was Lorena. I guess you are also saying Italy some how moved closer to Russia, she abuses customers in broken english and has aged by about 60 years? I would suggest that you are a little misinformed if you think that is the case.

    My reviews are based on my experiences, which in the case of The Imp – were actually mainly positive. Maybe you should take the time to read back properly instead of jumping to conclusions. If you have had a great experiences at somewhere that I have not, I welcome you post this as a comment. I would love to hear about it.

    For future reference, your feedback soon loses credibility when personal insults are thrown in to back up what could have been some valuable constructive criticism. Just something to keep in mind for next time if you want to be taken seriously.

  • Reply alex sunday 14 June, 2009 at 3:08 am

    >hi pbb.
    i just came across your blog and am soooo glad to have done so! my partner (mr. stink) and i are regular breakfast goers so welcome any information we can get to avoid bad breakfasts – nothing annoys me more. i thought i'd read milkd's review to compare our tastes – i would've rated it the same so i figure we're on the same page. oh, but milkd – PLEASE get eftpos!!!! and nice comeback to sweeney – what a rude toser! 😉

  • Reply The Perth Breakfast Bitch 21 July, 2009 at 7:44 am

    >Hi Alex

    Thanks for your feedback!


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