Miss Kitty’s Saloon

28 April, 2013

I was surprised to learn that a terrible Beaufort st “lifer” (Avenue Nine) was now gone and replaced by a trendy new “thang” – Miss Kitty’s Saloon. I’m not the first person to say this and I won’t be the last but walking into this venue is really like walking into a saloon with it’s swinging wooden doors, rocking chair and retro bits and bobs. The music playing is very cool – Pulp-Fiction cross Dirty Dancing-esque soundtracks – love it.

They serve up American and Canadian cuisine, so expect to find a menu filled with breakfast dishes that are just a little bit different. Prices range from $3.50 for a bloody mary oyster up to $19 for either chicken and waffles with sweet chilli or house smoked trout with beets, poached egg and goats curd. (see… told ya). What I immediately love about this menu is that everything is under $20. This is virtually unheard of in this area!

Sarah and I ordered our coffee’s straight away and we were a little surprised at how Sarah’s latte came out – in a mug with the teaspoon in it. Sarah straight away gushed at how she loved it! “So American!”. The coffee used is of course Five Senses. It had a beautiful rich flavour and perfect temperature. We even ordered another each. We also ordered a cheeky bloody mary to have with our breakfast!

I saw the charcoal tamarind pork ribs ($14.50) on the menu and straight away knew it was going to be my breakfast. It came on a bed of yogurt and sweet creamed corn with fresh cut chilli throughout. The ribs had that tell tale charcoal flavour mixed with the unique sweet and sour taste of the tamarind. They were smokey, sticky and wonderful! I forgot my table manners half way through and picked the ribs up to eat with my hands – it’s the only way!

Like my obsession with chilli, Sarah has an obsession with chorizo. Her breakfast of chorizo, egg and sweet potato hash ($16) did not come out as expected. The “hash” was slices of sweet potato in panko crumbs. Sarah tries to order gluten free so this wasn’t as described, which was a little disappointing. Chorizo was the star of the dish – soft, smokey and tender, it was like slicing through butter. One more slice of it would have been perfect. A slow cooked egg sat plumply on the plate, waiting for its yolk to be burst. I liked how not even the toast broke character for this dish. It had the flavour of camping, like it had been cooked over hot flames by someone sitting rugged up on a wooden log.

The service at Miss Kitty’s is very attentive and friendly. I felt like they weren’t going to be the type of staff to have the “yeah.. we’re f***ing good” attitude and then rely on being “the in thing” to bring them customers. It is really worth a visit to get a bit of Mt Lawley trend and Inglewood prices. Don’t be afraid to come and dine hans solo because there is a bar to eat at – perfect for singles. Thank you Miss Kitty’s Saloon for bringing interesting food back to the Inglewood end of Beaufort St!

882 Beaufort St, Inglewood
Miss Kitty’s Saloon Facebook
Breakfast served weekends 8.27am – 2.57pm

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