Moore & Moore

22 June, 2010

46 Henry St
Breakfast served 7am – 12pm Weekdays & 8am – 2.30pm Weekends

On this beautiful Saturday morning I decided to meet my friends SMC and Fudge in Freo for breakky. After some suggestions from readers I decided we should try Moore & Moore, which is down one of the many streets in Fremantle’s West End. I really like the West End area, you can get lost around there for ages looking in all the little shops down all the little streets! Also, just a note, some of my food photos in this review were taken with my new iPhone (yes… I joined the masses) using the Tiltshift app which is meant to be like using an SLR, so I’ll see how it goes!

We walked in to the spacious cafe and found a table inside. I love the layout and the decor of Moore & Moore with its contrasting spacious rooms and tiny nook and crannies to sit in and there is also a nice tranquil outside area at the back of the cafe. The decor is similar to Toast with the shabby chic look and there is a massive art gallery attached to the cafe which has some beautiful pieces on display. SMC had her young daughter with her and a waitress kindly got a high chair that was even one of those old school wooden type ones!
The first thing I noticed about the menu was how reasonable the prices were. Maybe Freo hasn’t caught  “Melbourne”? The prices ranged from $4.50 for toast (gluten free available) to $16.50 for sweet French toast that comes with fresh fruit, home made conserve and honey mascarpone. The menu choices were the usual breakfast fare with a slight twist. Like poached eggs with nutmeg spinach or avocado and eggs with tomato salsa. There is also delicious sounding hot pot called “a little pot of moore” – roast capsicum, tomato, roasted garlic and herbs topped with an egg and parmesan cheese served with toast.

SMC and Fudge went up to the counter to order first. SMC ordered the bacon and eggs which come with greens and tomato salsa and Fudge ordered a hot chocolate and the avocado and eggs that also comes with greens and tomato salsa. Both of these meals can be ordered in a “half serve” on weekdays – something different! I went up to the counter next and asked for my order to be put on the same table number and ordered Moore’s roquette bruschetta that comes with chorizo, caramelized onion, danish feta, olives and cherry tomatoes, a freshly squeezed OJ and a cappuccino.

I had barely sat back down when my meal arrived before any of the drinks. I thought this was a little strange but we happily sat there and chatted whilst waiting for everything else. The drinks came out shortly after and I didn’t have a chance to ask about the other meals before the waitress whisked off. Fudge’s hot chocolate looked nice and creamy with a little marshmallow on top. She said it was nice but a little cold. My OJ was delicious. Definitely fresh and it was nice and sweet. The cappuccino could have been a little hotter but we all know I am fussy about the temp of my coffee! I really liked the flavour; a nice smooth coffee taste without bitterness.

When SMC’s and Fudge’s meals still hadn’t arrived I went up to the counter to ask, thinking I had stuffed something up when I asked for my meal to be added to the table’s order only to be rudely told “they’re being served now”. I love when people get the sarcastic tone of voice!

Their meals finally came out and they looked very fresh and I was looking forward to finally tucking into mine! SMC was a little disappointed that the menu didn’t allow for scrambled eggs, so she had fried where as Fudge had poached. The eggs on both SMC’s and Fudge’s meals were cooked perfectly with runny yolks. Fudge mixed her tomato salsa in with the rocket and said it tasted delicious that way. SMC thought her bacon was a maybe a bit too crispy and looking at it I would agree with her. Well that’s two out of three!

My meal was disappointing. All I can think is “you don’t win friends with lettuce”, which is pretty much all this dish was. There was only a couple of small pieces of chorizo, a couple of pieces of feta and hardly any caramelized onion. There was, however, HEAPS of rocket. I’m not sure if the feta was even Danish as it wasn’t crumbly with that nice salty taste but there was too little of it to really tell. I wish that my meal had more of those ingredients as I think it would have been a beautiful dish otherwise.

To make things a little better a friendly waitress came over and kept SMC’s daughter occupied while we picked up all the dropped toys and rusks when we were leaving.

Moore & Moore is a lovely little cafe but I was very disappointed with my meal. Fudge and SMC liked theirs though, so not all was lost.  I don’t think I would go back for breakfast but I can see this place being a nice hidey hole to chill out with a good book and a coffee.

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  • Reply Conor @ Hold the Beef 30 June, 2010 at 6:07 am

    >I love cafes with nooks and crannies. Nooks and crannies in general are pretty tops. I also love lettuce, but not in lieu of a hearty breakfast :(

  • Reply Liz @ Breakfast In Perth 30 June, 2010 at 6:36 am

    >Finally a comment on this review! So many people wanted me to do it and no one commented.

    I love lettuce too.. in my salads covered in balsamic dressing.

    I would go back to this place to have a coffee in one of the little hidey holes though. :)

  • Reply Anonymous 31 August, 2010 at 9:01 am

    >I totally agree with you about your meal. I ordered the same dish the other day hoping for lots of chorizo and fetta but just getting a mound of rocket drenched in balsamic :( Very disappointing.

  • Reply Liz @ Breakfast In Perth 31 August, 2010 at 10:19 am

    >Thanks for the feedback Anon. It's a shame that we both got lettuce for breakfast!

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