Mount Street Breakfast Bar

28 February, 2015
Mount Street Breakfast Bar

When someone with the surname “Hollywood” recommends a place to eat, I listen. He asked me if I wanted a “scoop” and told me about a place called  “Mount Street Breakfast Bar” that was under new management in the same spot that has really had nothing going for it since Bouchard closed it doors.  Hollywood had piqued my interest… of course I’d be keen to visit any place that has the word “breakfast” and “bar” in its name.

Sitting on the ground level of the Riverview Hotel, is this breakfast bar by name and breakfast bar by nature. Along with the alfresco seating is a long bar inside where I imagine suits sit in the morning drinking coffee and having a quick bite before work. I know if I still worked in the CBD – that’s where I would be.

The weekend sees this cafe fill with the fitness junkies who have had a cycle up the heart breaking Mount Street or have battled stepping up Jacobs Ladder.. oh and people like me who try and find a parking spot on Mount Street close enough that means I don’t have to haul myself up the street with a belly full of breakfast. Tip – park on the city side of the freeway and walk over the bridge.

They use Perth fave Five Senses coffee here. Need I say more? You all know that with a talented barista and this roast – your Mount Street - Coffeecoffee is going to be worthy of ordering a second cup. What I really want to talk about is the bloody Marys. $8 is all it will cost you for one of these boozy morning drinks. My sister Sarah had to ask “is it $8 and it has vodka in it?”. Yep.. it has vodka in it for only $8! The ratios of all the ingredients were all perfect as well. This was made by someone who appreciates a good bloody Mary.

The menu, is of course, all about the most important meal of the day. OK, there are a couple of lunch options in there for those who hate life. I mean what?  The most you will hand over for a breakfast is $16, which is in fact what most of the dishes cost. I couldn’t believe that low price for a cafe on prime real estate in the city. I started to wonder if there was a catch. All the menu items looked like something I would want to order, with Sarah even commenting “I hate when they make it hard by having so many good options”. How good are champagne problems!

I was stuck trying to choose between roasted apples stuffed with figs and sultanas with homemade yogurt and sweet spiced dukkah ($12.50) and the corn fritters ($16). Savoury won. Three healthy sized fritters, rammed with so much corn they were barely holding together, were served with ingredients that would have made a tip top burrito. Refried beans, sour cream, fresh tomato salsa and guacamole all graced the plate and I relished mixing and matching each mouthful. I also ordered a side of bacon ($5) and was taken aback when the waitress asked “how would you like that cooked?”. “Crispy” is the correct answer here people.

Mount Street - Corn Fritters

The baked eggs ($15) had Sarah’s name written all over it. Ordered with gluten free bread, a slight mistake was made when the dish was brought out with ordinary bread. An apology and quick fix up soon had her sorted and dipping it into the tasty spiced tomato sauce. The eggs were perfect. It’s amazing how often a place will serve this dish with hard eggs. What is the point of that? Thankfully, a breakfast bar got it right. To top it all off, there was plenty of meaty chorizo to pack an extra punch.

Mount Street - Baked eggs

Mount Street Breakfast Bar has all the right things going for it. Top quality coffee, very well priced food and staff with a personality that extends further than many of its competitors.

Whether it’s a post work out feed or a relaxed breakfast before hitting the daily grind, this is a bar you won’t be ashamed to visit. Here’s an idea… how about a team meeting over breakfast?

42 Mount Street, Perth
Facebook Page
Breakfast served daily from 7am
Originally published on WA Today – Friday 27th February 2015

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