4 September, 2014

Northbridge restaurant, Nahm Thai has had a name change. Nunam has the same owners but now has a fresh start as a jack of all trades restaurant and café serving every meal of the day. It had always been a classy affair dining here, but now they have created a couple of rooms with more of a café feel as well as keeping a main dining room that lets you know you wont be ordering food off a menu with pictures and numbers.

Nunam Cafe

They have played it a little safe with the menu here. There’s the usual breakfast fare like pancakes, eggs and bacon and muesli which make up most of the menu but they have other options with an added Thai flare. Think rice congee with a 63 degree egg, bacon and hollandaise ($16) or fried eggs with lap cheong and chilli ($14). I would say this breakfast menu is  “Thai fusion”. The good thing about a menu like this is that there is something for everyone. You could bring the kids and not have to worry about them turning their nose up at rice for breakfast (unless you have kids that are curious foodies)… or those friends who think going out for a breakfast is a waste of money when you could have toast at home (you shouldn’t be friends with these people anyway). The more adventurous of us will try the Thai influenced dishes and everyone is kept happy.

Prices range from $6 for toast ($1 extra for gluten free or fruit) up to $22 for either the big brekky – eggs, bacon, three beans, hash brown, mushroom, sausage and grilled tomato or the citrus cured salmon served with a soft boiled egg, chive crème fraiche, asparagus and sweet potato.

I was hoping to see Thai iced tea on drinks menu. It’s a red/orange coloured spiced sweet tea and when you have it with milk – it is made with condensed milk. I FRIGGEN LOVE condensed milk… I could drink it straight from the tin. Anyway, sadly this tea was no where to be seen on a menu of run of the mill breakfast beverages.Nunam Coffee

They did have a “Liquid Thai” juice which was coriander, coconut and carrot ($7.50). It was served in a short tumbler so I thought it was a little on the high side in terms of price for what you got. Also, it had no ice and had lumps of that residue from the tin of coconut milk. I know it all tastes the same, but aesthetically… floaties in your drink doesn’t look good.

The coffee here is by Di Bella. This lot are kicking huge goals in WA at the moment, especially at their local roasting house and café in South Freo. If a café is serving Di Bella, you know you’re in for a real treat. The tea on the other hand had us confused. $4 for a Twinings teabag in a pot. I am no tea drinker – but would you consider this reasonable or not?

Now down to the this food business…

Andy ordered the fried egg with lime soy, coriander, lap cheong, spring onion, chilli and bread crisps ($14). For those that don’t know, lap cheong is a chinese dried sausage. I guess it is like their version of chorizo or italian sausage. All the textures in this dish complimented each other with the lime and coriander giving it a decent kick of freshness. There was a couple of things missing like heat from the chilli and any kind of oomph with the flavour.

Nunam Fried Eggs

Never to turn down a dish with decadent truffles, Rach ordered the soft boiled eggs ($12) with multigrain soldiers and truffle salt. She also ordered a side of bacon ($4.50) and they asked her how she would like it cooked! That is a first! Of course she said “crispy”.  Kudos to these guys for using Manjimup truffles in the salt; it doesn’t get any better than that. This was was of those dishes that looked good on paper but when it came out – ba-bow. The eggs were hard! HARD! How can you dip those perfectly shaped soldiers into a hard yolk??

Nunam Soft Boiled Eggs

Brooke is another truffle fiend. She went for the scrambled eggs with Manjimup truffles, spinach and honey glazed ham ($22). They certainly didn’t scrimp on the truffles here. A healthy amount of those tell-tale shavings graced the top of creamy scrambled eggs with the honey glazed ham adding a sweet touch.

Nunam Scrambled Eggs

I decided to try something completely left field and went with the black sticky rice ($14). It was topped with candied cashew nuts, ginger syrup, roasted coconut and fresh fruit. This tasted like christmas in a bowl. I didn’t want it to end! The rice still had that earthy flavour with a slight crunch you’d expect from a rice like this. The fresh fruit went so well with the candied cashews and I was surprised how much flavour roasted coconut had. I usually find coconut to be a bit bland.  As an extra treat some candied ginger was thrown in there too. This was a great alternative to porridge.

Nunam Black Sticky Rice

Whilst our breakfast was a little hit miss, I think there is still so much to love about Nunam. The service is friendly and the coffee is great and with a bit of a polish the food could be up there too. Give it a couple of months and I think they’ll have it sorted.

 223 Bulwer St, Northbridge
Breakfast served Tues-Sun 7am – 11.30am

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  • Reply Kristy (Queen of Bad Timing) 12 September, 2014 at 2:21 am

    Love the look of your dish and the sound of the congee with hollandaise. YUM!

    • Reply Liz 12 September, 2014 at 2:43 am

      My dish was so nice! I have never tried congee… I don’t know if I would like it as I cant get my head around how it looks. LOL

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