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26 June, 2015
Perth Breakfast

Imagine sitting there for breakfast with the sun shining through the vines onto the verandah of the restaurant. The small lake sparkles under the morning light and a wood fire is keeping you warm whilst the smell of fresh roasted coffee wafts past your nose.

Sounds like the perfect winter morning out for breakfast doesn’t it? Where is this magical place… well… it’s been in the Swan Valley for a while but it’s had a make over. Oakover winery has shed its tacky old look and has been reborn as the edgy Oakover Grounds…. and I love it!

It’s not just wine you can taste at Oakover. Fiori coffee is also located here. You can take yourself over to the Fiori counter to taste different origin coffees as well different brew methods. The guys that work behind the counter here are passionate about their coffee and they want to impart all their knowledge onto you in the 10 minutes it takes to do a tasting. It’s just as energising as the single origins that will smash your eyelids open in the morning. Hooray… Fiori has finally picked up a bat and joined the Perth top coffee scene!

Breakfast in Perth

For $12 you can order a paddle of coffee served 3 ways – cold brew, espresso and filter. To really add to the theatre of it all, they come and perform the pour over at the table whilst talking you though the process. Don’t fret if all these fancy coffees aren’t your thing – I ordered a simple flat white and it was spot on.Perth breakfast

The breakfast menu is interesting and sophisticated. I am glad they haven’t just tried to jump on the breakfast gravy train and offer up yawn worthy predictable food topped with snow pea sprouts. They have the guts to put beetroot on a bacon roll! Blasphemy or pure genius?

Prices on their current winter menu range from $6 for toast up to $22 for their big breakfast – poached eggs, chorizo, mushrooms, bacon and tomato relish. The kid’s menu is easy and simple. They can choose from rice bubble for $4 or beans on toast for $7.

Gus (of Gusface Grillah) lives and breathes all things meat. The perfect breakfast dish for him and his wife Sherryn – pulled beef croquettes with beans and fried eggs ($21). Two generous crumbed beauties were filled with soft tender juicy strands of beef. These were like eating a hearty red wine stew in a crumbed case. Gus mentioned that croquettes can sometimes be dry because of the way they press them, but the chef here nailed it – 10/10 for moistness (is this an appropriate time to use the word “moist”?). The beans were bursting with sweet tomato flavour; just what was needed to cut through the richness of the croquettes. It doesn’t get any better than that for the perfect winter breakfast that isn’t porridge!

Perth Breakfast

The big breakfast ($22) offering here made Andy a happy man. Roasted field mushrooms were cooked with garlic – a step up from the sautéed offering you might get elsewhere. Lashing of bacon and chorizo made this a meaty brekky. It’s an insult to big breakfasts to be served a skerrick of bacon! The tomato relish was a soothing accompaniment to the spicy chorizo and the final piece – poached eggs – perfect. Andy had ordered the paddle of coffee and could barely get the words out to tell me about his breakfast. Talk about a coffee buzz!

Perth Breakfast

Crumbed ham, leek and potato rosti, poached eggs and cheddar sauce ($17) had my name written all over it. I was salivating over the cheddar sauce before I even got there; day dreaming about how amazing a CHEDDAR sauce would taste. This was before spoilt sport Andy pointed out that it would probably just be like common as muck mornay sauce. He needs to wash his mouth out with pins because this sauce was nothing but “common”. It was the perfect accompaniment for the cubes of crumbed ham and I could even go as far as saying it was what I imagine a deconstructed ham and cheese sandwich could be. The leek and potato rosti was sweet with crispy edges that everyone loves on a good rosti and the poached eggs were full of golden runny yolks.

Perth Breakfast

Everything about Oakover Grounds now says – “hey, we care about what you think of our wine, coffee and food”.

It’s a positive change for Oakover and great for the Swan Valley. Wineries don’t just have to be for wine tours and “special occasion” lunches. Thanks to places such as Oakover Grounds, it’s worth the trip out to our very own wine region for the most important meal of the day.

14 Yukich Close, Middle Swan
Breakfast served weekends 9am – 11am

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Originally published on WA Today – Friday 26th June 2015

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  • Reply Debbie Bond 24 June, 2017 at 12:42 pm

    Went to Oakover Ground for breakfast this morning on the basis of your review. Which was spot on I must say.
    One of the best brekkies we’ve had for a long time, and lovely friendly, service. We’ll be back for lunch

    • Reply Liz 25 June, 2017 at 9:00 am

      Thanks for letting me know! I’m glad when readers agree. I go to Oakover a lot myself – was only there last week! I love it, especially the coffee.

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