Ootong & Lincoln

13 April, 2014
Ootong & Lincoln

Ootong and Lincoln is a huge favourite amongst Perth cafe goers and if you think that getting there early for 8am means you’ll get a table easily – well think again. Sarah and I were surprised to find only one table left at this early hour but then we remembered it was Fremantle and not Mt Lawley. The people around there are up early to enjoy the beach, go for a bike ride or walk their beloved pooches.

I love the interior at this Freo stalwart. Old tricycles (the remind me of penny farthings) forming a ceiling boarder at the entrance with Edison lights strung about in a way that is characteristic of the carefree attitude everyone loves about our port city. It’s all recycled furniture and steel piping used for railings, yet it doesn’t feel like you are sitting amongst the proceeds of a verge side collection treasure hunt.

They use some of my favourite coffee here – Crema. It never disappoints. Ever. O&L have a great little system going where ootong & Lincoln coffeethere is a separate area at the front of the cafe for takeaway coffees. This means the dine in customers aren’t getting their orders pushed back for the takeaway peeps meaaaannnning EVERYONE gets their coffee quicker. They also only charge $3 takeaway coffee! Hooly Dooly! They’ll also do a baby chino for a gold coin donation to native ark.

That’s not where the kid friendliness ends either – they have a dedicated play area so your little ones are occupied by something else other than annoying you to finish your coffee because they’re bored.

The menu is reminiscent of what I used to see around a few years ago – put it this way… there is no breakfast pork belly dish on the menu. Not that there is anything wrong with that! Prices range from $6 for toast (gluten free included) up to $22 for the Ootong breakast – eggs, bacon, tomato, beans, potato cake, spinach and toast.

Sarah ordered the potato cake (which is gluten free) with bacon ($19.50). It came served like a traditional eggs benedict except the potato cake replaced the bread. You can also choose smoked salmon or mushies if bacon isn’t your thing. If that’s the case… we probably can’t be friends. The hollandaise was so good Sarah forced me to try some of hers. It was buttery and smooth with that tangy top note that so many seem to miss. The poached egg’s yolk oozed through the spinach softened by the heat of the dish making this a melting pot of everything you want in a breakfast. The potato cake was of course the little show off in this scene – soft inside with a golden crust, it was packed with herbs and mustard seeds. This dish was a great take on the old eggs benny.

Ootong & Lincoln Potato Cake

Even though it was a bit cold on this morning, I ordered the elderflower and basil slushy on the advice of Elisha, one of my readers. She told me it was “life changing”. It was…. it actually was the best damn slushy I have tasted in my life. I kept having to take sips to remind myself of the beautiful aromatic flavour. Everyone must try one of these!

Ootong & Lincoln Elderflower slushy

The middle eastern eggs ($15) came as large turkish bread roll draped in 2 fried eggs with onion jam, feta and a sprinkling of dukkah. The yolk was barely holding on to its meniscus as it hung over the roll; a perfect runny yolk and crisp white. Sweet onion jam had just a touch of tang left over from the balsamic which was a perfect melody with the tartness of the feta. As I got through the dish, I found that there was far too much bread and not enough of the good stuff. The feta was a bit light for a start but there was just SO much bread. Half of the roll would have worked a lot better in my opinion.

Ootong & Lincoln Middle Eastern Eggs

If you are ever asking the question – “where can we get breakfast before 7am?”, then this is one such place that has you covered. Unlike most, they are actually serving food from the moment their doors open. You can take your human kids or your furry kids down to Ootong and Lincoln and enjoy a relaxed breakfast where everyone is entertained. And don’t forget – try the elderflower and basil slushy!

I am currently researching cafes that open for food before 7am for breakfast for a WA Today piece. So if you have any suggestions – contact me .

258 South Terrace, South Fremantle
Breakfast served daily 6.30am – 1pm


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  • Reply Martine @ Chompchomp 14 April, 2014 at 12:28 am

    Haven’t been here for a few years. Sounds like it worth heading back for even just for the elderflower slushie!

    • Reply Liz 14 April, 2014 at 1:37 am

      They don’t charge extra for gluten free bread either which is always a bonus!

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