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27 October, 2015
Oxford Yard - Breakfast Perth

Leederville’s cafe scene probably attracts just as many cyclists as some of the coastal cafes. It’s easy to see why – the cafes have outdoor tables with lots of space to park bikes and keep and eye on them.

Oxford Yard is one such Leedy cafe that is popular with the cyclists as well as the Lorna Jane wearing yummy mummies of Perth.

I met up with friends Rachael and Marie on this morning and seeing everyone in their cycling lycra and active wear led us to discuss the popularity of wearing active wear all day with no intention of exercising. I’ll put my hand up – since becoming a mum – that’s me. Yes, I go for my morning walk but if I am wearing “active wear” at least it’s not pyjamas right? They’re both just as comfy! Plus, I can’t go to the shops in my PJs.

I made a booking for breakfast (YAY A PLACE YOU CAN STILL BOOK AT!) but when I arrived, our table was outside in the sun. I had little George with me and didn’t even think to ask for a shady table when I booked. The staff here were amazing – they moved our table to a shady spot.. as in psychically picked up our table and chairs and moved them as there weren’t any other tables free. I didn’t even have to ask – they just knew – “baby = no sun”. To be honest I was happy to sit at our table and position George’s pram so he was shaded but I was SO relieved when they moved us.Oxford Yard coffee - Breakfast Perth

They use Bonissimo coffee here and I was surprised at how good my flat white was. I say this because whenever I have had Bonissimo in the past it has been at a place like a bakery and the “barista” was a teenager working on the weekend to earn some money to buy goon and durries (or was that just my teenage working life?). They obviously take their coffee making a bit more seriously at Oxford Yard, as a skilled barista turned out a creamy coffee at the perfect temperature.

The menu is nothing ground breaking but you’ll find some brekky favourites on here all at a really good price. I was surprised to see the big breakfast was only $19! That’s going to get you eggs, roasted tomatoes, beans, bacon, mushrooms and spinach. A brekky menu in Leedy with everything under $20 is a rarity… in fact I could probably say that for the whole of Perth.

Marie’s sweet corn fritters ($17) were a bit hit & miss. The fritters were stick in the mouth doughy and needed more corn but the herbs and seasoning were spot on. The crushed avocado and tomato salad were fresh with the baby spinach adding crunch.  For an extra $4 she added an egg, which you could tell just by looking at it that it would be perfectly poached. A side condiment of tzatziki was a refreshing addition.

Oxford Yard - Corn Fritters - Breakfast Perth

Corn bread seems to be popular on breakfast menus these days and the offering here ($17) was a hit. A big slice of the sunshine coloured bread was perfect for slathering in the smashed avocado and snazzy tomato kasundi. The generous pile of bacon was quite fatty. YES I know bacon is fatty but this could have done with a trim; I’m just not a fan of a thick gelatinous rind. No complaints on the serving size here.

Oxford Yard - Corn Bread - Breakfast Perth

Deciding to go with the mushroom bruschetta ($14), Rachael’s breakfast had the word “wow” coming from my mouth. A hefty pile of beautiful meaty mushrooms were mixed with baby spinach, salty danish feta and thyme. It was a well balanced mix. The bread was as thick as a slab, so maybe one super thick slice or two thinner pieces would have worked better.

Oxford Yard - Mushrooms - Breakfast Perth

So if you’re in a cycling group and looking for a new place to ride to or you just want to sit out on Oxford Street and watch the world go by whilst enjoying a decent priced breakfast – Oxford Yard is the place to go!

196 Oxford St, Leederville
Facebook Page
Breakfast served 6.30am week days & 7am weekends

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