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5 October, 2011



7/160 James St, Northbridge
Breakfast served weekends 9am – 3pm
Fully Licensed

Welcome to the first of the sweet series of reviews that I have been promising for a while! I am going to attempt to order something sweet off the menu each time I go out for brekky for the next couple of months! Who better to join me in the first review of  this quest but…. Coolio Ma-Cha-Cha! She was the one who originally came up with idea after we kept saying there should be a “dessert” for breakfast. YUM!

Fellow blogger Gypsy A Go Go (What I Ate Today) joined us as well for a perfect start to this sweet series at Pancakes & Grill in Northbridge. Everyone loves pancakes for breakfast – especially with lashings of maple syrup and icecream (well I know I do anyway).  

We decided to sit in a cosy booth and straight away the waitress came up and gave us menus and took our coffee orders. I was not expecting this! As I always preach, coffee orders should be taken as soon as you’re seated and I was not expecting that kind of service from Pancakes & Grill. It was a nice surprise! Coolio Ma-Cha-Cha ordered a “Megamug” of cappuccino and Gypsy A Go Go and I ordered “normal” size ones.

The coffee came out quickly which was good! I had a few wines the night before and needed it! The coffee was a good temperature although I thought the coffee had a slight bitter taste it was still a nice cup and definitely not undrinkable.

I was surprised to see an actual breakfast menu offering the usual breakfast fare but instead of toast, there was pancakes. Prices range from $11.90 for pancakes and scrambled eggs up to $19.50 for The Works – Small OJ, two buttermilk pancakes with grilled sausages, bacon, tomato two eggs and hash browns. There was an interesting item on there called Aussie Sunrise – Pancakes, fried egg, grilled banana and pineapple plus your choice of bacon or sausages ($14.90)… I wondered how that whole combo would go together! It was like a Hawaiian pack for pancake lovers.

BUT we were here to have something sweet! Trying to decide what pancakes we were going to have proved immediately difficult. There was a HUGE choice ranging from the simple pancakes with lemon and sugar right up to stacks topped with fruit, ice cream, cream and anything you can imagine as well as crepes and waffles!

I decided on the Hot Bavarian Apple – Hot, spicy apple, sultanas and cinnamon, served wtih two buttermilk pancakes. Topped with cream and icecream ($13.90). When it came out I was overwhelmed with how delicious it looked. The pancakes were cooked perfectly and were light and fluffy. The buttermilk gave them good flavour. The apples were stewed enough to be nice and sweet but still firm. I loved that there was a decent amount of ice cream on the pancakes as well. 

Here is Coolio Ma-Cha-Cha’s review,

“Having had a dinner of savoury crepes at the Pancakes & Grill and not been too impressed I wasn’t expecting too much from their other fare but was pleasantly surprised to discover their sweet options are really were it’s at.  I was torn between the strawberries and cream cheese crepes ($14.50) and the waffles with either chocolate or caramel fudge ($12.90) sauce (OR as I discovered when I went to order BOTH, which I declined but love that option!!)

First up I ordered a MegaMug of Cappuccino as I had a big day of hitting the Royal show ahead of me and knew I would need that bit hit of caffeine!  When my waffles with Caramel sauce, cream AND ice cream came out it looked amazing but I had some food envy when I saw the other pancakes, had I made the right choice…? YES! My waffles were delicious, nice and fresh, crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. I loved the caramel sauce and any place that serves ice cream and cream wihtout having to be asked is aaaalright!

Having had such a nice exerience at the Pancakes & Grill on James for breakfast I would actually like to go back and try their burgers and $12 cocktails sometime soon, it’s a nice space with lovely staff and reasonable prices.  Great start to the sweet series!”

Gypsy A Go Go also loved her breakfast! She says,

“My eyes lit up when I saw our pancakes arrive. I ordered the Bananarama pancakes- 2 pancakes with grilled banana, ice cream and cream ($13.90) and it looked amazing. I was impressed that each table had a massive syrup bottle so you could pour it on yourself when the pancakes arrived. I hate it when your pancakes arrive already drowned and soggy with maple syrup or even worse – not enough syrup at all. 

The pancakes themselves were light, fluffy and had a lovely buttery flavour. All the toppings together was flavour heaven. I felt a little bad since it was pure sugar at 9 o’clock in the morning but it was a nice treat! i thought the portion size was perfect and the price very reasonable.”

The service at Pancakes & Grill was very good. It was prompt and friendly and it hardly took any time for our coffee or meals to come out.

When we were leaving we saw that they only charge around $12 for cocktails! Those kind of prices are rare now days! We are talking about going back there with some friends to sample the drinks over more pancakes with icecream of course.

Even though the breakfast section of the menu is available until 3pm you can still get all the other pancakes all day and night! 

If you love pancakes, this is the place for you. All 3 of us were really surprised about how good Pancakes & Grill was! 

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