Perth Coffeescape

15 April, 2010

Quality coffee is only a click away with Perth Coffeescape, Perth’s first coffee review website, now fully operational and listing superb coffee houses without having to trawl through pages and pages of food reviews.

Perth Coffeescape relies on Perth’s coffee community of addicts, connoisseurs and snobs to give their opinion and rating of cafes and their respective brews to build a helpful resource that makes it easier than ever to find a good drop of the black stuff wherever you are.

With more than 70 cafes already listed, from the instantly recognisable coffee houses through to those fancy pants laneway espresso bars, good coffee is now easier and faster to find with Perth Coffeescape.

Perth Coffeescape also offers producers and suppliers unique and targeted advertising and marketing opportunities through a number of internet media, and offers invaluable feedback on the emerging trends and evolving tastes of Perth’s coffee consumer.

With monthly prize giveaways and even an iPhone version of the site, Perth Coffeescape allows coffee-holics to browse for the nearest quality café as soon as the headache sets in.

Perth Coffeescape – Great coffee is only a click away.


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