Raffles Hotel

12 December, 2009

Raffles Hotel – 67-71 Canning Beach Road, Applecross
Breakfast Served Weekends 8am – 11am
Fully Licensed

Being a hot morning, what better day to have breakfast by the cooling river. The Raffles Hotel, with it’s beautiful outside area overlooking the Canning was the perfect place for me, Wendy Tosh and Juanita Sangria to have a bite to eat for breakky.

It was very empty when we arrived at 10.30am, so we got the pick of the place for a table. We chose outside by the ponds in the shade. We did have grand plans of drinking Bloody Mary’s.. or maybe that was just me.. but we were all a little hung over from the night before and decided to stick with “normal” breakfast beverages, which we ordered straight away. Wendy Tosh ordered a coke, Juanita Sangria and I ordered watermelon, orange and passion fruit juices and I also HAD to get a HOT coffee on this HOT morning. Oh… and I almost forgot, like the waitress did three times… a BIG bottle of water.

The drinks came out pretty quickly, which was lucky considering we were all dying of thirst. The juices were nice and cold and refreshing. The coffee was nothing memorable but nothing that made me think”ugh disgusting”. We asked again for our bottle of water, which was annoying considering the hot weather and our hang overs.

You would expect the Raffles to be fairly pricey but their breakfast menu looked reasonable. Prices ranging from 5.90 for toast/croissants up to $17.90 for scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, asparagus and potato rosti. There is one menu item for $25, which is an omelette with blue swimmer crab, but I think you would have to a particular “taste” for something like that. (I can’t think if anything worse for breakfast.. crab *shudder*). There weren’t too many choices on the menu that you become over whelmed; there was a nice selection from which most people would find something they liked.

Wendy Tosh announced that she was a connoisseur of hollandaise sauce and was going to have the eggs benedict. I ordered the sourdough with fresh tomato, basil, feta and olive oil – with bacon on the side. Juanita Sangria decided on the turkish fried eggs with tomato, cardamon relish and flat bread. This meal usually comes with veal sausages but she asked for the meal with the potato rosti instead.

We were really impressed at how accommodating they were to some minor menu changes. Now days places are putting on menu’s that they don’t allow changes. The waitress even suggested replacements for the veal sausages!

It was beginning to get irritating that we still had not gotten our bottle of water. It wasn’t busy and the wait staff were standing around. Wendy Tosh had also ordered another coke that hadn’t come out yet. We got up and got our own water and asked for the coke again. The waitress acted like she didn’t know anything about it, even though she took the order! We put it down to them being as hung over as us.

The meals didn’t take long to come out and they all looked delicious! At first, Wendy Tosh thought her eggs benedict looked a bit on the small side but she said this was deceiving as the poached eggs were quite large and plump and the meal was filling. Her “professional” opinion on the hollandaise was that it was a bit on the buttery side and not enough flavour. The turkish eggs looked very different. They were fried with paprika and Juanita Sangria said that they tasted lovely. The potato rosti was a perfect replacement for the veal sausages. My meal was delicious. The saltiness of the danish feta (my favourite) was perfect with the fresh basil and tomato. There was a drizzle of basil pesto over the bread as well. The side of bacon I ordered seemed like a good idea at the time but I didn’t really eat much of it.

If you are looking for a place with a beautiful setting, fully licensed (for one of those champagne breakfasts) and a good, reasonably priced menu then the Raffles Hotel is perfect. The service could have done with some improving though but when you sitting outside in our beautiful Perth weather, overlooking the river… it’s easy to forgive.

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  • Reply Conor @ HoldtheBeef 14 December, 2009 at 6:43 am

    >Hmm another one to file away for later, thanks! I can't agree with you on the crab comment though… a fresh crab omelette for breakfast can be a thing of joy and beauty! (says she, a total seafood fiend)

  • Reply The Perth Breakfast Bitch 15 December, 2009 at 12:08 am

    >The only time I have EVER liked crab is when I had snow crab at Hawkers in Northbridge. It's making me gag thinking about crab and egg together… hahaha

    Thanks for the comments Conor!

  • Reply Steph 4 January, 2010 at 1:38 am

    >The Raffles also have pretty good pizzas but I also experienced terrible service (having to go up to the bar to get a waiter's attention is never a good start).

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