Red Man Cucina

5 June, 2014
Red Man Cucina

Where do you go for a killer bacon and egg roll at 5.30am that isn’t an industrial area spec lunch bar? A little place called Red Man Cucina.

On your first visit here you will feel like a regular. It’s a talent to make every customer feel special and important and the owner does just that. I have been three times and he remembered me from the other times I came and who I was with. Crazy!

There isn’t much inside seating but there is plenty of outdoor tables next the “the hatch”. The menu is written up on the hatch doors and it’s all about their bacon and egg rolls. Don’t worry…There are also things like muffins ($4), granola ($5) and banana bread ($4) on offer if you’re not into a bacon and egger. The rolls range in price from $5 for a bacon and egg or double egg roll up to $8 for the “Red Man” – double egg, double bacon, cheese, tomato, rocket and sauce.

Red Man Hatch


The coffee used here is Di Bella. This brew is fast making an impact on the Perth cafe scene since they opened a roasting Red Man Coffeehouse in Fremantle. With a distinct Italian flavour it is isn’t going to taste like the Five Senses we have all become accustomed to but it is still a very good drop.

Andy and I both went for a bacon, egg and cheese roll ($6). I chose the more traditional BBQ sauce where as Andy went with honey mustard and added tomato. Served on a fresh ciabatta these rolls pi** over anything you would get a lunch bar. Excuse the language – but there isn’t any other way for me to convey that. Well maybe there is – but whatever. There was plenty of thin sliced bacon with no chewy rindy bits and a perfectly fried eggs with a runny gooey yolk.

I asked Andy what the honey mustard sauce tasted like in the roll and he said “kind of creamy, a bit like a hollandaise with a hint of dijon”. This is my husband who describes samosas as “little pillows of curried delight”. I pretty much married Nigella.

Red Man roll

They are a cash only business so make sure you have some change – whatever is in your ashtray should be plenty here!

116 Walter Road, Bedford
Facebook Page
Breakfast served from 5.30am weekdays and 6am on Saturdays

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  • Reply Natalie Hoye 6 June, 2014 at 4:56 am

    This cafe is a gem and the (very) early morning coffee hutch a genius idea – great to see it getting some well deserved praise attention!

    • Reply Liz 6 June, 2014 at 5:09 am

      I love how friendly the guy who owns it is!

  • Reply Ben 6 June, 2014 at 11:08 am

    Great food and coffee and the owner Richard is a great bloke. Love the coffee

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