Rose & Crown

26 August, 2013

After a big 40th birthday party (Andy’s… NOT mine) we needed a big hang over curing breakfast. Not wanting to stray too far out of the neighbourhood we headed to the Rose and Crown in Guildford. This colonial style hotel/pub has been in existence since 1841  and has that “convicts built this” look about it. They even say that convicts haunt the halls of this heritage listed site! With a “Posh Convict Restaurant” section you can just imagine the comments from my English fiancé…

With its pin striped plush chairs and fringed curtains, there is something very 1930’s about the Posh Convict restaurant. Comfort is key here – theres no sitting on rickety wooden seats and with tables dressed in white linen there’s no mistake that they are trying to fight their way out of the “pub meals” pigeon hole.

The coffee used here is Crema, which surprised me as it was nothing like what I know of Crema coffee. It was completely lacking in flavour.  Compared with Jezebelle’s around the corner, who also use Crema, it was a the polar opposite. Disappointing.

The menu is pretty much what I would expect from a pub – standard breakfast fare. Not that there is anything wrong with this as sometimes all you want is bacon and eggs rather than some deconstructed omelette with a side of ham cured in the presence of angels. Prices ranged from $10 for eggs on toast up to $22 for the Convicts Breakfast(bacon, pork sausages, tomato, hash brown, mushrooms, toast and eggs). For $10 there was also a kids meal available consisting of scrambled eggs, toast and bacon.

Andy ordered the Convicts Breakfast ($22). Made up of hash browns, eggs, three sausages, half a tomato, one mushroom, bacon and thick toast – this was a fairly big meal. Although, at $22 it was an example of yet another overpriced breakfast consisting of frozen goods. Even just replacing the hash browns with a house made potato rosti would have made such a huge difference.  Just seeing those oblong shaped McDonalds style hash browns makes my heart sink. The pork sausages at least tasted good.

I ordered eggs benedict ($17.50) – the litmus test of breakfast. The thick toast tasted like camping. You know that lovely flavour you get when you cook bread over a flame? The eggs were poached perfectly making for a a delicious rich combination of ham, yolk and hollandaise sauce. And speaking of the sauce… yes it was good. Creamy, buttery but with just a touch of tanginess, it was a perfect example of a sauce that can either make or break a breakfast.

The service was questionable; I asked for water three times, which annoyed me as they weren’t busy and I don’t understand how someone can forget “water” in the 10 meters from our table to the bar. If you prefer a stock standard breakfast then Rose and Crown could be for you but if you aren’t into breakfast for the masses at eye popping prices then I think there are much better options in the area like Little Guildford or Jezebelle.


105 Swan St, Guildford
Breakfast served weekends 7.30am – 10.30am 

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  • Reply devo 26 August, 2013 at 8:01 am

    We ride out the R&C every Wednesday. The pub itself is great and the beer is fantastic. But I have noticed the food getting a bit stingy. We normally get a basket of chips which is $10. The serve used to be massive, enough for 4 big dudes – but now it’s tiny, it has almost cut down to a quarter of its size. We don’t bother anymore – just stick with beer.

    • Reply Liz 26 August, 2013 at 8:05 am

      Yeah I love the beer garden there. I am looking forward to going there in summer for a beer!

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