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29 March, 2014
Sapore Espresso Bar Granola Pot

When I say the words “Belmont” and “cafe” – what do you think of? Is it sipping an overheated cappuccino with froth so solid you need a knife and fork to get through it or is it eating a toasted sandwich filled with tomato and cheese that’s hotter than lava?

As much as I love a good lunch bar, Belmont was missing that special cafe that all the other suburbs seem to have… until now. Sapore Espresso Bar opened late last year on a redeveloped corner on the edge of the shopping precinct and owners Mario and Jess Fisicchia are working hard to make their cafe stand apart from the rest.

Even though they are in a new building, they have done a good job to remove that cold, sterile feeling you can sometimes get with a space such as theirs. There are big roomy wooden tables decorated with jars filled with baby’s breath and the smiles on all the staff’s faces radiates warmth throughout the cafe.

I love how roomy it is inside Sapore, there is enough space inside to swing cat around (seriously… where did that saying come from?). This is great if you’re in a group with prams as you will find it easy to navigate between the tables and park up your buggy. I hope they don’t go down the same path that many other cafes do where they ram in as many tables as possible as soon as they become overly popular.

Their seasonal menu has all bases covered and dishes with an Italian slant feature ingredients like ricotta, figs, marscapone, pesto and italian salsicccia. Prices range from $4.50 for toast ($5.50 for gluten free) up to $19.90 for the Big Sapore – eggs, bacon, italian sausage, roasted roma tomato, herby mushrooms, homemade beans and sourdough. There’s even a kids menu; for $8.50 they can have pancakes, bacon and eggs or a toastie.Sapore Coffee

Coffee by Fiori was surprisingly good. It was probably one of the creamiest, smoothest coffees I have had in a long time thanks to the use of Bannister Downs milk coupled with the care of a skilled barista. A few of us ordered cold drinks such as a lemon, apple and ginger juice and an iced peppermint tea. Something as simple as herbal tea with ice was so refreshing with the juice was full of ginger. I find when ordering juices with ginger it tastes like they just showed the juice a piece of ginger and that’s all you get. Maybe I am alone in my want for strong flavours?

Adele and I both ordered the breakfast bruschetta ($15.90). This was an impressive serve of basil pesto, tomato, feta, spinach and poached eggs piled on top of a toasted panini.  On first look the poached eggs looked like they were going to be perfect pillows of runny yolk but disappointingly I didn’t get my river of gold. Lashings of feta always makes me a happy girl and this rustic dish certainly delivered on that front. Doused with olive oil and balsamic, the flavours were bold yet balanced; although a little less olive oil would have gone a long way.

Sapore Breakfast Bruschetta

As Jess had a dim sum date for lunch she went with something a little lighter – the granola pot ($7). Presented in a fashionable jar, it was a trifle of greek yogurt, berry compote and homemade granola. Candied ginger and figs mixed in with the granola made for a nice sweet surprise.

Sapore Espresso Bar Granola Pot

After a big personal training session in the morning Marlene didn’t want to to undo all her hard work, so went with scrambled eggs on toast ($10.90) with a side of mushrooms ($3.50). She asked for the eggs to be cooked right through (i.e. “well done”) and they came as ordered. Now… when I think “side of mushrooms”, I think of a pile of small button mushrooms. These were massive meaty field mushrooms rammed with flavour and for $3.50 they were real bang for your buck.

Sapore eggs on toast

Spanish baked eggs ($17.90) were right up Marie’s alley. Keeping the eggs runny in a dish like this can be difficult but the chef nailed it. And not in the sarcastic way #nailedit way…. they were actually perfect! Top quality chorizo gave the dish a good hit of oomph with the feta adding to the seasoned flavour. The large slices of sourdough made for a perfect mop for this dish.

Sapore Spanish Eggs

With a new Autumn menu waiting in the wings there’s plenty of reason to get over to Sapore for a breakfast that won’t disappoint. If you’re local to the area, save yourself a drive to Vic Park and show these guys your support. This place is just what Belmont needs.

275 Belmont Ave (cnr Fulham St), Belmont.
Breakfast served daily 7am-12pm

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Originally published on WA Today – 28th March 2014

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