Sayers Sister

5 March, 2015
Sayers Sister

I am probably the only food blogger in Perth to not have reviewed Sayers Sister. It’s not because I didn’t want to, it’s more because I hate lining up or waiting on the footpath for table… it doesn’t agree with my personality. BUT the fact that people are lining up and waiting for tables can only mean good things right?

It was the first Friday of my maternity leave and my husband Andy and I were deciding where to go for breakfast. I had kept in the back of mind that I wanted to go to Sayers Sister on a week day to avoid exactly what I just spoke about. But I was being my usual indecisive self and as we looked over the menu online I realised – it didn’t excite me at all. I started looking at other places on my list with Andy telling me “do you really want to drive there in peak hour traffic?” The answer was no… I didn’t. Damn his voice of reason.

So off to Sayers Sister we went and for once I am glad I listened to my husband.. but don’t tell him that.

Walking into this cafe is like entering a decadent boudoir. Tall glass lolly jars decorate a large communal table, plush high back wing chairs invite you to sit and relax or if you fancy alfresco dining, there are tables outside too. This cafe is about all things beautiful and vintage.. it’s almost Great Gatsby-esque.

Sayers Sister Inside

They take their coffee very seriously here and judging by the photos that cover the walls, the owners Mark and Stephanie Sayers Sayers Sister - Coffeesource the beans themselves from places like Indonesia. A lot of the coffee I have been drinking recently has had a bright acidic flavour but what I had at Sayers Sister was a broody, earthy cup of goodness that was robust, creamy and the perfect temperature. It was a nice change from the usual.

Being a Friday, it was acceptable to order a Bloody Mary ($14). Well for Andy it was, I ordered a virgin mary ($10). What came out was the most incredible set up for this morning cocktail I have ever seen. On a small board was the glass of tomato juice, a shot of vodka, a shot of Worcestershire sauce, tabasco, salt and pepper and carrot and celery. It’s quite a novelty really; you get to mix your own to your taste but to be honest, if I am paying $14 for it – I want someone else to mix it for me and bring it to my table.

Sayers Sister - Bloody Mary

As I mentioned, the menu did not excite me initially but in hindsight – what the hell was I thinking? The menu IS interesting and shows that these guys take the most important meal of the day seriously! Prices range from $6 for toast up to $22 for the full breakfast – eggs, potato cake, beans, grilled tomato balsamic & pesto mushroom, chorizo sausage & bacon. A full breakfast – meh.. it’s all the stuff in-between that will have you drooling – like crushed green pea and ricotta pikelets ($18.50) or waffles with glazed apricots ($16.50).

My coriander & cumin beans tagine ($16.50) was much more than your standard four bean mix. Topped with babaganoush and a poached egg, this rustic dish was a winner. The middle eastern flavour of the cumin mixed with the sweetness of the tomato was the kind of stuff that has you closing your eyes and licking your lips with each dunk of your toast. I was disappointed I couldn’t finish it… I wanted to keep eating but I was so full and felt like I hadn’t even made a dent in it! The waiter offered to put the left overs in a takeaway container for me, which is something I have NEVER been offered. Top points for that one sister.

Sayers Sister - tagine

Andy is not one to pass up an opportunity to order a dish with chutney. The potato rosti ($19.50) came served with an interesting one – bramley apple & thyme chutney. Being from cider country in England, Andy knows his apples and he relished in critiquing this accompaniment. Sharp but sweet it gave the rosti a zing that left a notable impression. Wow, that was a lot of words about a condiment! Now for the actual dish – the rosti was crispy around the edges and soft in the middle with the bacon and peppery rocket giving the S&P seasoning to what had the potential to be a bland dish. Perfectly poached eggs rounded out this hefty breakfast that was deceivingly big, although unlike me, Andy made sure his plate was clean.

Sayers Sister - Rosti

There is a reason why Sayers Sister has people waiting for tables every day of the week. They are popular because they are THAT good. Whilst you can book tables during the week, the weekend is first come, first served. Don’t fret if you do have to wait, they churn the meals out in record time so it won’t be long before it is your turn to enjoy a famous Sayers Sister breakfast.

236 Lake Street, Northbridge
Breakfast served Mon – Sat 7am – 11.30am, Sunday 7am – 2pm

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  • Reply Simone 28 July, 2015 at 4:12 pm

    Oh I ordered the beans tagine when I went there and ! couldn’t finish it either! Such a large portion! Although to be honest, I found it a little heavy for a breakfast meal and would have preferred it for a dinner option. But delicious none the less!

    • Reply Liz 28 July, 2015 at 8:05 pm

      Yeah it was definitely something you would need a big appetite for. It would go nicely with a red wine!

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